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Vme? no VYou!

Posted by: Howie2.0


I came across an interesting video platform called VYou which does not necessarily compete with YouTube. It is wedged in a niche market that moves away from one way delivery of video content to a two way conversation with the person in the video and their viewers. This idea could take customer relations to a new level for businesses and enable simple indirect advertising for authors and motivational speakers amongst others.

VYou is a question and answer video platform where you can ask a question to a specific person and they will record a video response if they do not already have one. The other option is to record your own videos and post them online in response to other users questions.

Bloggers, businessmen, the average Joe and anyone else who is a signed-up user can be asked questions about their specified topics of conversation.

Featured people on VYou are Deepak Chopra (author and world-renowned authority in the field of mind-body healing), the VH1 big morning buzz, and even Shirin Ebadi, A human rights activist – among the many. All this is for free. It’s like having these interesting people as part of your online contact list or even your online conscience in the case of psychologists, psychiatrists and motivational speakers. You can even speak to the guy who launched this idea Steve Spurgat and he will post a video response on his page.

How it works

It works through people (individuals and celebrities, experts and authorities) and channels (larger groups) on any topic you can think of.

An example of an individual is Dan Bell, a man who talks about performing arts, gaming and humour. Then you have access to Media organisations from Social Media Week Global Team (media & publishing, new media); Hearst Newspapers, Abrams Media Network, and Crushable to College crush love experts and Psychiatrists (Jeffrey Junig) who speaks about wellness and addiction.

There are also people who speak about Journalism (J-schools), Gaming (Bits & Boards), Education (Planet forward – climate and clean energy), Music (emerging artists), Dating advice, Fashion, and business.

How to get involved

You cannot send a message to anyone online unless you are a verified user, so you need to sign-up.

-First thing is to click “sign-up” (top right of home page) and you will see a page where you are required to enter your email address

-You will then be sent an email to confirm the address, click on the link

-you then need to enter your name, surname and password – which leads you to another page to enter ‘display name’, URL,  short bio, date of birth and gender.

-the next page lets you choose the topics that you like to talk about from entertainment to animals, business and climate etc

Then you are in!

-you also have the option to link VYou to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr

What it could be used for in future

This platform, if taken seriously, could be used to collate information into a huge bank of accessible knowledge for anyone.

The media could use this to talk to people about stories, or perhaps more ideas, policies and any other questions. Individuals could use this to promote their ideas, products and entrepreneurial flair.

This is a perfect platform for businesses and individuals to get online and in touch with their audiences in a more direct way and facilitating better business/customer connections and services.

I can only imagine how this would take off if officials were open to this service. (subtle laugh)


source: screenshot from VYou website 23 May 2011

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