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Virtualise this MoFo

Posted by: EgbertFly


I have just completed a major step in my quest to becoming a virtualisation guru.  I am now officially a VMware Certified Professional (VCP).  I now have to add competencies to my qualification, but that will have to come with time.

This is apparently a huge thing, but personally, it was not a big effort required to get the qualification, just a case of study, study, study, and then when you think that you have studied enough, study some more.

In order to be able to qualify as a VCP, you have to attend an instructor led course as well as write an exam.  It is not the same as Microsoft, where you can just write an exam.  Once this has been completed, there are other modules that you can add to your VCP, such as Capacity Planning.  Now the fun begins.

Most of my working career has been involved with Microsoft and the various efforts that surround it.  For the first time I am now involved with a product that does not need Microsoft to function.  The base OS is a flavour of Linux.  In order to manage it, you can either load a client on a Windows box, or you can use something like Putty to connect to the console and do what is required from there.  Obviously the Windows Client has all the nice and frilly gadgets that make life a bit easier, but if you are more of the hard core variety, go for the command line.

So what other options are there apart from VMware?

Well if you look at the desktop market, you can have a look at Sun Virtual Box.  This does much the same as Microsoft Virtual PC and VMware workstation.  But unlike Microsoft Virtual PC, it does have support for other operating systems.  VMware workstation also does, but there is a cost involved, Sun Virtual Box is free.

Citrix also has a Virtual Desktop offering, but there is a cost involved.

There are other alternatives but most of them are available at a cost.

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The Source
written by The Source, March 16, 2010
I like Virtual Box, really a great piece of software. Having sat though 2 VMWare Executive forums I can really appreciate the need the reasons why it is important to any business to implement this as part of their IT structures.

As a private user I love the ability to run different OS's on one PC.

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