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USA Elections: the low down, links, and some reasons you should care

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The low down for those who have not been caught up in the fervor and excitement:

The race this year is between John McCain (with creepy running partner Sarah Palin) and Barak Obama. Obama is the first ever black person to make it this far (or even nearly this far) in American elections. As a result he's had a few attempts on his life.

Even though this is all happening very far away from us, we should care because whoever is in charge of America affects the world. The Times seems to think that Obama will win, and clearly backs him. The editor had this to say about why you should care about him winning.

The rest of the world also seems to back Obama.

Americans on the other hand are not that sure... this site explains the complicated election process. An article here also explains that even if Obama wins the popular vote, McCain could end up in power... which is what happend with Bush back in 2001.

You can follow the elections here.

So far it's close... Obama has 51% and McCain has 44 in the polls! Will the real elections prove this to be a reality? Find out here soon as votes start being counted :)

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written by mysehnsucht, November 04, 2008
Thanks for the great links. Been using the CNN election tracker, which is not always the most impartial or reliable.
written by OS GIKEN, November 04, 2008
Nice one...good way to inform us! smilies/smiley.gif

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