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US Government under attack?

Posted by: phANT1m

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So as the title poses the question is the USA under attack? Well they are under attack at all times but it seems that attackers have managed to leak through on several fronts.

First came the Pentagon, NSA, and DoD all came under attack and were compromised. A hacker by the name of sl1nk has claimed responsibility for the break-ins into those government agencies. Some of his claims are this:

SSH access to a Network of 140 machine's layer 1 to 3 in the Pentagon
Access to APACS (automated personel air clearance system) Thousand's of documents ranging from seizure of a vehicle up to private encryption key request forms.
Database of all usernames/passwords of Webmail of Nasa.
Access to ASSIST (Database for Military Specifications and Military Standards)
Data Transformation Corporation's FAA Sponsored DUAT Service
Access to Government Gateway at
Access to
Login access to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC)
Login to Central Data Exchange | US EPA

But above all this proves that Cyber Security is really important and is this the real reason that the US government is pushing to get data into the cloud? More on this as I learn what exactly is going on with this.

Second one came in the form of NASA servers being compromised probably by someone in search of UFO's and the likes. TinKode claimed the hack, he is also responsible for the earlier hack on the ESA (European Space Agency). in this hack he showed that he access to their FTP servers, etc.

Anyways more attacks and maybe a little bit more info later on when I have come to understand what exactly this means in the grand scheme of things.

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