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Lately I've been having this overwhelming urge to write. Poetry? Prose? I don't know... Content? Fiction? Non-fiction? I'm not really sure... I do sit in front of my laptop for hours on end just strumming my fingers lightly over the keyboard. I do that sometimes, when I don't know what to write, yet the muse is shackled ever so slightly on my left shoulder. Never the right shoulder. I'm sure if she tries hard enough she could break free, but noooo.. She just sits there, quite happily restrained. Laughing. Then when the tapping of keyboard starts to bore me, I'd play around with a few sentences. Deleting them and start again. And so goes the process till I just close the document without saving. I like to write; I like to ramble about what ever tickles my fancy. Or scratches it, for that matter... Truth be told. I don't write hardly enough. So, pardon my ramblings, give me some space to clear the cobwebs out.

Unemployment is NOT a good sanity booster

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I read on MSN News that SA has a work force of 12.8 million and that 1 in 4 South Africans are unemployed.

Now I've been uncarreered (sounds better than unemployed) for about 5 weeks. That's 5 weeks of job hunting, of sending out CV's and Application forms and writing and rewriting and then eventually copy and pasting cover letters. (It would be nice if some folk actually reply every once in a while. Ya know, something along the lines of "we appreciate your time and effort but unfortunately your application was unsuccessful." Good manners never really harmed anyone.)


5 Weeks of being shackled indoors with a sulky teenager for company. Not my teenager, I’m way too young to be mother to a 17 year old. Its good on most days, luckily my taste in music spans over many a genre, even the stuff that young ones listen to these days, and its nice having someone around with whom to watch gory horror movies.


Now I don’t know what housewives get up to every day whole day. I sure do feel sorry for them. It takes me about 2 hours to do all the house chore duty stuff. And then? For the rest of the day?  A friend of mine recently informed me that he was unemployed for 9 months but had the sandy beaches of Cape Town to keep insanity at bay. 

Ya. I'm from Jozi. No sandy beaches or rolling waves to come to my rescue. In fact, this charming little piece was written from the comfort of the Wimpy down the street, which is THANK GOODNESS in walking distance. Me being car-less as well. Its really sad when you get to point where staring at a closet for 4 hours, actually entices you to pack it out and clean it from top to bottom. Which I did, I'm ashamed to say. Me, the most unhousewifey type of female you ever had the displeasure to meet.

Just give me a job dammit. Any job. I think its safe to say that I'm at the point now where I'd take practically anything. Just for the sake of having something to do, besides washing the dishes (You see how I mention "having something to do" before even stating the obvious - ie, I need to earn a friggen salary to pay my bills? Yeah, Thats how far along the insanity spectrum I am... I don't even feel comfortable watching tv or movies whole day.) 

I'm a fairly intelligent creature, and hard working too. It would be nice to use my grey matter again for something important. Some complex work related problem. Even office politics and bitchy bosses/co-workers and late hours seem oh so shiny now. Would be nice to feel like a worthy human being again.

Instead of feeling like scrubbing the dishes and cleaning up after a teenager is all I'm good for...


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written by sgb, May 11, 2010
A problem I know, having been career-diadvantaged for the last two years. White, male, over 50 (faaaar to old for IT) I am just told that 'Your profile does not meet our requirements' - even though what they have listed is far less than what I can do. I enjoy working, enjoy solving problems etc. At times I am ok, at other times like today I sit and mope and feel worthless! Hang in there.
written by barrmar, May 11, 2010
Mmmm, I was funemployed for six months and had a non-starter job for a month in the middle of it. Plenty to do, but the financial stress was just too much!
Unfortunately, the expenses don't go away just because the income does, so when I get my next income it has to cover six months worth of expenses! The creditors just don't understand that simple fact.
Lots of luck in the search! Recruiters don't respond unless there is something positive to report.
written by ShackledMuse, May 14, 2010
thanks guys. I went for an interview on Wednesday, they only interviewed two of us, and so far the verdict is we both stand a good chance of getting the job. I really hope so because sitting at home is really driving me insane, not to mention the creditors who, like barrmar said just dont understand. I paid a bit less on one installment, even sent an email explaining why i paid less and asked who i can contact to sort it out, only to get an angry call from them a month later because I still owe them money. ag wat.
written by photonz, May 14, 2010
I wish you all the best ShackledMuse. I spent a year unemployed when I was quite a bit younger, and I know how painful and frustrating it can be. Keep trying no matter what. I'm rooting for you, mate.

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