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Ubuntu's failure

Posted by: The Organ Harvester

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The Organ Harvester

I don't think you can call it Ubuntu's failure but @#$% 'em! I'm going to anyway. Open Office for all its functional beauty and it being free loses points in one regard.

Spelling and grammar. Did a few documents in a hurry and now I realise that I might just have to brush up again because I obviously cannot rely on Open Office to save my ass. Read it in Open Office and then open that very same document in MS Word. Its like it was written by a functional retard. I may or may not be one depending on who you speak to.

A friend mentioned the same thing and he suggested I use Wine. No not to calm me down after I was promptly told that my rushed job was not agency material and that I should consider moving in a strategic direction rather than content, no Wine is that nifty programme that allows Linux users to operate Windows programmes. Like for instance printer drivers. He suggested I install MS Office using Wine and that should sort out my life. Mmm... The idea interested me for a few seconds and then I thought, MS Office on Ubuntu? That's like Animal Farm, the porno, just wrong.

So I am appealing to you bright and brilliant folks, help me save Ubuntu and tell me how I can improve Open Office. Because the next time someone reads a Word Doc and says there must be a village missing and idiot, I might do the unthinkable.

I might have to re-install Windows and MS Office.

Do it for the Rhinos.


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written by Kindred, October 13, 2010
Well to start with open office is no longer being made by the original people that made it, there is a long conveluted story about who owns what now, I think oracle now own the open office title. Look for libra office as it will be called. They are planning a release with a lot of bug fixes.

As for the Wine Idea, stay away from it, wine is okay .. but it is one nasty bit of work that doesn't always do what people want it to do. And considering that to get wine to work properly (well the last time I played with it) you will still need legal versions of widnows and then a legal version of office .. so much for open source being free.

As for fixing open office, I would suggest that you look at the huge number of extensions available for open office, a quick google search pulled up a couple that will handle grammar errors. Give them a try and see if that makes life easier.
written by Mars, October 20, 2010
Plus, Wine isn't simply a point and click type of software, there is a learning curve involved. If you are not inclined to spend some time learning how to use it, then don't even bother. Like Linux, Wine isn't for lazy computer users.
written by Mars, October 20, 2010
There's a second version of Animal Farm? What's the moral story? Some pigs are more deserving than others? smilies/shocked.gif smilies/wink.gif smilies/cheesy.gif smilies/tongue.gif

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