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"Trick or Tweet" When charades go viral

Posted by: Pumelela Nqelenga

Pumelela Nqelenga

Who would have thought that I would be a huge fan of Thandi in Stephan Francis and Rico’s Madame and Eve?  

I thought we should have a break from the hardcore political jargon and reflect on light hearted political journalism.

Growing up I never understood the fascination of newspapers at my house.

We would buy the Daily Dispatch to see what was happening in our community, the country and the rest of the world.

However this was never enough for my gran and mother, so they bought the Mail and Guardian to recap on what on the week as if they did not believe what was written in the DD.

When karma hit them; I was forced to go to the shops to buy the Daily Dispatch Saturday print edition.

Lastly to put everything into perspective and to add onto the pile of paper growing in our living room we would buy the ever thick and glamorous Sunday Times since it catered for my brothers sport addiction, my uncles financial interests, my mother’s gossip hunger, my gran’s love for political conflicts and my curiosity of theatre, books and latest films.

So no one can blame me for studying journalism at this stage in my life.

As a young illiterate girl all these papers meant that I could look at pictures and read visually what was happening around me.

However, there was one constant in all these newspapers and that was the Madame and Eve cartoon strip.

In high school I was a lazy debater, who did no research for speeches, however I would cut all the Madame and Eve cartoon strips for the month and gather my data to create meaning for my presentations.

Well I must admit these days I am forced to read articles online listen to news podcast and watch online video for news coverage.

Now, looking back I realised that the last time I read a newspapers was in December last year and consequentially I found myself having a feeling of nostalgia.

I suppose through online media I do cut and paste my own articles to make some meaning on what is happening around me.

So in my retrospective-ness I went online to the Madame and Eve website and read what was happening in the news and I bumped into my favourite character, Thandi.

In case you do not know Thandi; she is the daughter of Eve, the maid /domestic worker/domestic helper /helper/ sisi/homecare executive, whatever makes you sleep at night.

 Thandi has a love hate relationship with gin and tonic addict, Mother Anderson, who is the mother of Madame. And it is this relationship I have always loved (perhaps because I have a close relationship with my gran)

Well I recently found out that Thandi has created a new TV game called “Trick or Tweet”.

It is amazing how such as satirical work has impacted the way I have viewed journalism and especially political (or politically correct) journalism.

I am going to be honest and admit that I will be playing Thandi’s game on my blog as a gesture of love for my favourite cartoon strip. Hopefully you can join me and give your own Twitter charades by commenting.

Follower me on twitter: @pushdrive and let s begin the madness.

Happy Tweeting!

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