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Transport so easy a six year old can do it

Posted by: salambander

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A pair of six year olds eloped to Africa, "Where it's warmer." They took another five year old with them as a witness, but unfortunately they were caught at a train station and taken home.

I think this is remarkably cute, but at the same time it's bloody dangerous - little kids wandering around unaccompanied by adults? Eish. Although it just shows how easy to use the European transport system is. And it is - I missed a direct coach from Hopftgarten to London once and within an hour we'd made a plan that got us there 5 hours ahead of the coach. Our plan involved a bus, a plane, a few trains, a taxi and the tube, but it was easy, relatively cheap, and it worked.

So why is it so bloody hard in the rest of the world? Take SA. I've done a fair bit of domestic flying and busing, but I'd never dare take the train, especially after hearing stories of the violence that goes on. The Gautrain is almost done but it's going to be ridiculously expensive. In England you can take the tube into London for the price of a cheap sandwich.

It looks like even Americans, with their dubious educational level, can do it:
A six year old boy stole his parents' car in an effort to get to school on time. He ended up driving it into a pole (but only had minor injuries) but he managed to get 10km. Pretty impressive for a schoolboy.

His parents, who were asleep at the time, have been charged with neglect and endangering their child. I don't know if that's really fair, but well, there we go.

For now I'm glad I'm in Grahamstown, where everything is within walking distance.

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