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Toys for Echoes: Thanks MyDL, Apple, Griffin, Angry Birds (my mommy and daddy).

Posted by: Echoes

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Who knew a silly post about Angry Birds would get me an Angry Bird (iPad case)? The irony isn't lost on me. Anyhoodle, thank you so much MyDL and sponsors for the very cool bag of tricks I won in MyDL's Major Year-End Blogging Competition. 


I won a Griffin PowerDock Dual iPad/iPhone/iPod charger, a Griffin Loop iPad stand, an Angry Birds case and a Navigon GPS app code (worth $60). 


The Navigon GPS app code is being issued post-competition and I look forward to reviewing the app when I get it. In the meantime....Check it out, peeps (I asked my 'friends' to help me with the impromptu photoshoot). 

The kiffest, coolest accessory for anybody who happens to own more than one Apple product out of the iFamily, is the Griffin duel dock. I don't own an iPhone (boo hoo. I am actually - despite my post earlier this week - desperately lusting after Siri), but I do own an iPod and iPad. Both devices plugged in quite easily and started charging. I love the curved drum in the middle - perfect for coins, keys, pens or sweeties (don't ask...). 

The duel dock comes with a variety of different plugs and extensions for charging locally or abroad. 

Nice, nuh?


The Griffin Loop iPad stand is equally useful. Clean, simple and surprisingly sturdy, it's cushioned and allows you to view your iPad in portrait or landscape. It's rubberised bottom ensures that the whole stand is non-slip and it has a plug in for a dock cable (but quite unnecessary as I will use the duel dock!)


And, finally....the Angry Bird case. Look, I have a serious and stressful job - but I am not 'serious'. Neurotic, yes. Sensitive, maybe. But not serious (I mean, I have a 'play room' in my house with frog and ladybird couch pets). So, the Angry Birds case is right up my alley. Loves it. A lot. The inside is soft furry goodness for the protection of your iPad, the outside is a groovy green. Fun!

Once again, thanks to MyDL and sponsors for the awesome prizes. It is appreciated and it will definitely be used and loved. Oh, and keep the rad competitions coming!


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written by Charmed, December 09, 2011
Wow, looks cool! Esp the dual charging dock! Incidentally, I bought me one a few weeks ago (different to yours) but it's just so convenient. Sits on my nightstand.

Enjoy your goodies!

PS I mailed you your code earlier today! smilies/cool.gif

written by Echoes, December 09, 2011
Yep - so convenient, like you said. Really awesome that it's so compact too. Doesn't take up masses of space on my nightstand.

Thanks again, Charmed and team!smilies/grin.gif

I'll look out for the code (did you mail or email?).
written by redsaid, December 13, 2011
How fitting... Angry Birds-branded goodies for a cool chick! Okay, okay, so I'm grasping at straws... I'll try and quit while I think I'm still ahead! smilies/cheesy.gif

Congratulations again on the win and well deserved! It's really really good to see you gracing this here site again and blogging. You're a star!

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