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Toy Soldiers

Posted by: salambander

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I haven't blogged in a while - blame it on exams and the lack of anything really interesting. Until now. I have one exam left to study for and a few days ago, found something very, very interesting.

Isn't it funny how we come up with the best ideas when we're half asleep? Happened to me. Talking late into the night to my SO, we came up with the idea for Toy Soldiers, which would be

"a war-strategy empire-building game based on real-world dynamics. This means that winning is not just about having a bigger army, more land, more money and a faster mouse-button finger, but rather decision-making skills and a little bit of that randomness that makes life that much more interesting. Gamers need to make political decisions, form alliances, keep their troops supplied, motivated, healthy and well-trained. While this is being developed as an entertaining and complex game, we aim to make it so realistic that it could be used as a simulator for real-world scenarios.  It sounds hard to make, but would probably work on algorithms based on ratios (eg: if the support ratio is low then defection will be high, funds won't be as quick to roll in and allies might question their allegiance). The ratios would depend on decisions you make, loosely based on the questions in NationStates - an awesome game - and also chance, because life is uncertain and that's the way it works.

The production of the game is where it really becomes interesting.

In an attempt to bring the OpenSource community even closer together, Toy Soldiers will be completely Open Source, developed by YOU, maintained by YOU and enjoyed by EVERYONE. To do this, websites and forums will be created to spread the message, people will be recruited (but feel free to sign up, whatever your ability and experience - we can find a spot for you somewhere) and sponsors will be invited for dinner." - I wrote this for the wiki (which I made as a sort of documentation place and future user manual)  which can be found  here.

It's very much a work in progress, but I'm really excited about it. Today I met some guys who want to do the graphics, and my sister wants to do some of the promo work. The graphics guys also have some experience in game-making, so that would be awesome too.

What really salts my peanuts is the fact that if I wanted to I could make a lot of money off this. But I'd rather do it as OpenSource, bringing the whole community together. It could be seriously awesome.

If you have experience coding in C/C++, or are one or more of the following:

  • cross-platform coders
  • graphic designers
  • specialists (historians, veterans, weapons experts, physicists, politicians, other)
  • PR whizzkids
  • servers
  • sponsors
  • gamers
  • web-administrators
  • forum mods and admin
  • IRC channels and servers
  • people with ideas
  • good at making coffee
  • and want to get involved, please send me a mydl message and I'll find a place for you.

    This is all still very much in the planning stages, but the more people who get involved, the more ideas we'll get and the sooner we can get rolling.

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    written by Buffy, September 17, 2007
    hmmm, im NO good with IT, so the best i can render any services is by providing Coffee9and im good at that) and Being a pretty good CA to you :eek

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