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Toshiba's Unique Laptop Guarantee

Posted by: Sameer

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What a unique and interesting guarantee I came across while doing the usual daily venturing into the "unknown" world of the internet.  Toshiba offers what no other laptop company offers (according to my knowledge). It seems like they definitely want to stamp their mark in the technology field in South Africa. First they started by lowering their pricing on all products and now I see this one of a kind guarantee. What am I raving about?

Well, lets see:

1stly, they offer a money back satisfaction guarantee, which basically means that within 14 days you can just bring back your laptop if not satisfied for a replacement of money back

2ndly, accidental damage cover, in which they claim to guarantee and replace/repair your laptop in case you accidentally damaged it. Now of course this sounds too good to be true but that's what I understand from their website and that is what they are saying.

3rdly, theft coverage if your laptop is stolen? Oh my word, now this is like free insurance. They do claim that you need to have an official police statement though.

Lastly, unemployment coverage, which means if you are unemployed for any reason, they will continue guaranteeing and also give your money back.

Of course now this is how I understand it when reading the website, but you are welcome to check it out at the following address: (it is called the "perfection promise")

Now, having said the above, it totally makes sense to take out a Toshiba laptop if the guarantee works perfectly as in theory? Of course you may or may not like Toshiba laptops or products but in the end, getting such a guarantee definitely does sound like a very safe option. Your thoughts?


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