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Top Bloggers and Double Digi's!

Posted by: OS GIKEN

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I used to blog only for digi's, that was my M.O, my sole purpose in life. I used to blog about whatever was hip and happening at that time, and ad my spice and theories to it. Then, I grew up a bit, by about 5cm I'd say and my shoe size went from a 9 to a 10 in 1year and myDL underwent a heavy surgery and it upgraded! With this upgrade the top blog spot was missing, so I thought it time to also get rid of my bad habits of blogging for cash! Now that its back, I feel left out somewhat, I don't see my name in the Top Blog section and neither do I see it in the newsletters anymore!

Reasons...the reasons that we here:
I can't pin point the reasons why this happened, but I assume it has something to do with the fact that I don't blog that often anymore, I blog about twice in 3 weeks or so, which is a poor record by my previous standards. I also said it this morning, but the site has grown so much now, where we see regular users, more part of the citizen side, are gone and new users have boarded ship, but the newish users only come to blog, some have filtered through and started to chat in the much fabled Shout Box, but some are just here to tell us how to rip a DVD to an iPhone or how to get divorced or how to buy from supermarkets. While this is good and the whole point of a blog, to vent or talk about things one does not normally talk about, I tend to miss the online interaction, the closeness of the citizens on here...

hit Factory

Nature of everything in life:
What does everything in life have in common? It all, everything, grows up. It ages, it becomes mature with time, so too did this website, from times when we used to see 10 blogs per day, we now see a stream of ideas, opinions and reports coming through the blog machine per day! I'm sure The Source and team will be happy with this, the site has gained so many grounds...

Old MyDL

Double Digi's:
With the Digi system being changed every 4 or so months, one has to beg the question the olden days when the site was still orange, when a change happens we knew exactly why! Some people who complain nowadays with the new site when comments are not working or Digi's are paid late or not at all or the hits system don't work, work themselves up because they are used to being informed, I just think this site has grown so much that the immediate feedback has gone out the window, FB updates and SB updates now and then is the order of the day, and understandably so...this, followed by a blog from either Charmed or The Source, sets minds at ease before the storm calms. I like this double digi's idea, it brings the Hit Factory's production line in overdrive and I'm sure anyone would love to see some website stats per month on hits for blogs or just per site or per window or per will be interesting!

Top Bloggers are back:
But this time it's not me, I like the fact that there's almost a new one every time...puts those Hit chasers to work to dish out nice blogs, on that topic, is it me, or did the quality of blogs improve a whole lot with the introduction of the new look and features? Also, the news we get...up to date on technology and gadgetry is amazing! The features and columnists are also a welcome treat...I'd go so far as to say that the website should watch out for overloading us with material, there are so many things on here that I find myself logging on at night just trying to catch up with blogs from my regulars, because there simply is no time to read all the great material on here...if ever there was a time to showcase what this MyDL team has created with this website, its this version, its brilliant, WEB 2.0 in its purist form!

Blogging 101

OS over and out -  I might not be the top blogger on here anymore, but the competition has grown and that can only be good for the website, I'm actually looking forward to blogging again, just to find a topic is another story, I hope this one generates hits then!


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written by sgb, June 11, 2010
Here's one hit then.
written by MikeZilla, June 11, 2010
here's 2. Don't say web 2.0 near TheSource I think he's working on web 4.0 principles already smilies/grin.gif
written by Charmed, June 11, 2010
We do miss your controversial blog posts...bring it back! And would like to see you on the leaderboards again!

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