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Top 50 Games of all time - MJ's list (20 - 11)

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Its crunch time now as I start counting down the penultimate batch of games.

20. Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers (NES)

Cartoons and their game counterparts always seem to come in the form of Platform games, be it Aladdin, or Ducktales, Tailspin or Darkwing Duck. It seems that platformers were the obvious choice for any game developer. As you probably might have noted - co op games feature prominently on my list, and Rescue Rangers is no exception. One of the best platformers I played.

19. Lion King ( Sega Mega Drive)

Continuing with Disney Intellectual Properties that have been converted to videogames, One of my favourite movies of all time - Lion King, is easily one of my favourite games as well. From the upbeat theme music, to the darker, more mature end level, The Lion King videogame captured the movie perfectly.

18. Ratchet and Clank : Tools of destruction (PS3)

The Ratchet and Clank series is one of those strong franchises, which combine great graphics, cool weapons and lovable characters and the PS3 edition is no different. While we have yet to play games that are on the level of CGI movies, Ratchet and Clank on the PS3 is the closest we have got to 'playing a cartoon'. This game, along with Drakes Uncharted is perhaps the best reason for getting a PS3.

17. Goldeneye (Nintendo 64)

Critically acclaimed, eleven years later and Goldeneye is still considered to be the quintessential console first person shooter as well as the best game adaptation. No other James Bond game managed to capture the feel of Goldeneye (the closest is Everything or Nothing for the PS2)

16. International Superstar Soccer 64 (Nintendo 64)

Before Pro Evo, and Winning Eleven - Konami developed ISS, and since then I have been hooked on the series. While some might argue that Pro Evo 2008 on the PS2 is the best version yet, my favourite still remains the one released a decade ago.

15. Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo 64)

You probably noticed quite a few games in my top fifty list are from Nintendos ill fated N64 system, but the truth is - it is my favourite console of all time. I'm salivating at the thought of playing Mario Kart on wii, because of the joy I have had with this series. While most critics still consider the original to be the best, I enjoy mario Kart. It still stands as the only game I could convince my little sister to play with me. Well, this and Mortal Kombat - weird kid, go figure)

14. Def Jam 2: Fight for New York (Xbox)

Sporting a line up of some of the most influential hip hop stars out there as well as some of the most outrageous finishing moves, and an interesting story, Def Jam is without a doubt the best beat em up ive played. Everything about this game oozes quality, from the opening video to the cut scenes between beat downs. Besides - how can you not enjoy a game that allows you to beat up Sean Paul?

13. Super Mario Brothers 3 (Nes)

The ultimate gaming icon provided me with many hours of gameplay as I once again visited the mushroom kingdom. The biggest selling franchise in video game history, every Mario game is pure quality. Frog man and Racoon man - I salute you

12. God OF War 2 (ps2)

Last year I only really played one PS2 game, and after you play God of War 2 you dont really want to play any other PS2. A fitting swansong for Sonys beautiful console, God of War 2 puts you back into the blood filled sandals of Kratos as you aide the Titans against the Gods. Boasting graphics that are comparable to most Xbox 360 games, God of War 2 is just that damn good.

11. call of duty 4 (Xbox 360)

The single player was short, really short. But like a one night stand with a film actress, It was something I will remember for many years. Call of Duty 4 dropkicked the franchise into the modern age, and delivered a nail biting and action packed adventure that no other war game has been able to recreate. Not to mention the fact that I still play this in multiplayer every single week.

That concludes todays list - Please join me again in a few days when I count down the final ten games.


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written by mysehnsucht, May 28, 2008
I am looking forward to seeing your top 10

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