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Top 3 mobile websites I use

Posted by: HomeGrownHoney

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I mostly use 3 mobile websites that I access using my LG Chatter box cellphone



MobileWeb_Facebook Facebook is the one I mostly use. 

The mobile website  is a simple version on the online website and offers status updates, friend requests, notifications and messages.

You can view photos, do mobile photo uploads and interact with other users.

This is a great site when I am waiting for my daughter at school or when I am sitting waiting for someone and I am not close to a PC.

Mobile URL Address:

Gmail Mobile

mobilegmail-mobile-email Gmail Mobile is a simple interface to my emails that allows me to read and compose new emails. 

I can set-up my cellphone with an email account so that it can automatically gather mails as they arrive or every x amount of minutes but since I do not need access that often, the mobile option is cheaper to access when I actually need to send or receive a mail.

Simple interface that does not use more than 450kb whenever I do make use of it.  It would be great if all cellphone contracts worked like the BlackBerry packages.

Mobile URL Address:

Google Search

By default when I open my phones browser I am offered the Google Search option.

From time to time I might use this to search and view information.

Aside from these 3 mobile websites I do not really use any other mobile websites but prefer to use applications developed for certain functions.  As my phone does not support the GTalk App, I would replace that with Mxit that connects to my GTalk contacts.

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written by OS GIKEN, May 06, 2010
I think everyone uses those 3 websites - mostly Google

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