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To vaccinate or not

Posted by: Dissol

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I have posted before on several occasions about the need for parents to ensure that their babies receive  all the various vaccination injections, and to point out that there is absolutely no link between vaccinations and autism.  The link was first suggested by a (now disgraced) UK researcher - Wakefield.  His published work has since been officially retracted, and recently there has been a fantastic article in the BMJ exposing Wakefield as a fraud, and a liar.  He cannot practice medicne in the UK anymore, and all his research work has been shown to be false, & fraudulent.


However, this has not invoked the necessary public apology from the likes of Oprah Winfrey, who has used her considerable media weight to push the whole disgraceful campaign against vaccinations.


The simple facts are: while any intervention to a human body, such as an injection carries risks, these are infinitesimally irrelevant compared to the benefits.  Vaccinations are possibly the single most effective (in terms of lives saved) piece of medicine that we have ever witnessed.  All parents have an obligation, not just to their own child's welfare, but also to the general welfare of society (due to things like the "herd immunity), to ensure that their children's vaccinations are kept up to date.  I have no respect for any parent who chooses, for selfish, misguided reasons, to put other people's babies at risk.


I would really recommend that any parent, or indeed anyone, should listen to the following radio interview carried out by on an Australian radio station, by the brilliant Tracey Spicer.  She interviews one of the Australian idiots who runs an anti-vaccination organisation, putting millions of babies at risk.  Tracey gives this woman what she deserves.  I wish there were more people in the media, like fact I would love her to interview Oprah Winfrey...and give her the same treatment!!

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written by Doolally, January 10, 2011
Hear, hear! My neice gave home births to both her kids as she didn't want the hospital to give them any vacinations at birth. Her children have since suffered the consequences. Parents should look beyond their own selfish beliefs and do whats best for their kids.
written by Dissol, January 12, 2011
Doolally, I have heard the same argument from different friends & relations. I used to let it go, but not any more. Now i lay into them in full lecture mode. I explain that it is not only their own kids they put at risk, but, due to something called herd immunity, many other kids too. Since Wakefield's fraudulent report and the scandalous coverage given to it by the likes of Oprah & Jenny Macarthy thousands of little kids have died or been seriously ill. If Oprah really had a conscience and really wanted to do good & save lives then she would use her media status to apologise for pushing false information, and encourage ALL parents to ensure their kids get vaccinated.
written by Doolally, January 12, 2011
Firstly glad to see you are able to typesmilies/wink.gif. And Secondly you are right about Oprah. I came to the conclussion long ago that for a African American she is very Biggoted in her opinions. The problem is the weight her opinions hold. If people actually bothered to check if what she says is true or not they would be rather suprised. I think SA should do what the States does. Your babay gets registered at birth, no vaccination, no ID number.No Id number no being registered for school. It would at least be a start in the vaccination area.

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