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Time to go mobile with myDL

Posted by: The Source

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The Source

The web is always a learning experience for me since there is constantly new things popping up.

With the last upgrade to the myDigitalLife core template and layout, the focus was to increase the exposure towards search engines and make articles more visible.  After about a month I can say that the changes made a difference and we are seeing the effect looking at our overall stats.


The things I know and need to do ASAP

Looking at the user agents visiting our site I noticed that iPhones and "other" browser agents are starting to visit the site more than before.

This makes perfect sense since mobile browsing is becoming big business for cellular providers.  What we are curently using is a general "mobile" interface to capture those browsers and direct them to a mobile template.  Now where this looks great to an extend on my BlackBerry and on the iPhone emulator I tested, it doesn't work as well on Symbian and other mobile operating systems and their respected browsers.

So tonight I started playing with a different structure where the different mobile platforms are broken down into 4 main groups.

a) iPhone

b) Smartphone (BlackBerry/HTC/Symbians)

c) WAP 2

d) Browser based (Opera/IE Mobile)

Basically using this process you will once off create 4 sub-domain eg., and when someone comes to the site using an iPhone they will be redirected toward the template loaded on the sub-domain.

The benefit of using this approach as to using a generic mobile template is that you can go into more detail as to the dimensions of your mobile template.  A little more work but worth it at the end of the day.

Mobile blogging

I did some testing on the mobile blogging front and halted that after a week.  I still feel that there should be an easier way to do this using your cellphone, so I will also be working on that.

To prepare the site for these changes we are going to start indexing pages for mobile as well.  The main purpose of the mobile sites are to expose the blogs and news articles to the mobile domain in phase one and then later to increase mobile interaction.

So keep an eye out for the testing phase if you wanna play around with it.  Also keep a look out for my posting on changes we made to the statistics, indexing and how they benefit you... and in some cases how the do not benefit lazy bloggers.

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written by OS GIKEN, April 08, 2010
Good stuff, even though i'm not using my mobile for internet usage anymore, with a bill of 1800 in the last 2 months, I'm not going onto the internet via mobile any time soon!

An idea for the blogging bit...most of these phones have WORD on them...type the blog in word - and then mail it - set up some clever programing that initiates every incoming email to a certain mail addy to be saved as a blog...easy. I don't know how it will work but that's my idea!

didn't we use sms's last time on mobi?

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