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Thoughts on holidays

Posted by: Skarlett_Fury

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My entire student life is now packed into a few boxes and a suitcase. Some to be left behind, some to be taken home..

Of course, after my mandatory 48 hours of catch-up sleep, I will wake up to the sick realisation that something I need is, to me, a million miles away at University, useless to me.

And so I spend the vacation growling each time that I remember that I don't have that object I need. Then, one day, when I come to terms with my oversight, I will discover that the sought-for object was with me all the time.

Cue lots of frustrated, unintelligible, foot-stomping screaming. Yes, I really do that! It's fun - try it sometime. Preferably not just before you write an exam.. It doesn't go down well with the nervous kids.

I am going to miss student-life though, where else can you find yourself sitting on the roof of a lecture theatre at 3am, in the rain, listening to music and discussing life with your best friend?

Of course, I will not be leaving the realm of insanity behind when I leave Uni.. My home life has seen me running down the street in PJ's, alternately chasing and being chased by some sort of bulldog, at 10pm. On the main road. Needless to say, I got many amused looks from spectators the next day...

Makes me wonder what I'll get up to these holidays, with all this free time... I can definitely see space for quite a few more adventures.

It's funny how people think that vacations are relaxing - sure, they can be, but I've found that they can be some of the most stressful times for me. From travelling, to dealing with my family. Yes I sound cold (yet again)! But in my defence, I have spent most of the year away from them, and I have changed, so settling back into the old routine will present more than a few challenges.. Anyone agree with me?

I think the greatest challenge will be finding some sort of compromise on my independence. I can see it now:

"You can't do that! It's too dangerous!"
"Ugh, come on dad, it's not such a big deal, Uni can be far wors- umm..."
"You aren't leaving this house for the next 2 months. *smile*"

You get the idea, I'm sure. Ah well, I shall just have to see how it goes... I'm being boring now so I'm going to shut up!

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written by PattiLain, November 28, 2007
Lol, I just finished university too.

Gotta get a job now like a big girl. The possibility of it all is so great...

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