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This thing we call freedom

Posted by: Paralyzer


I saw a newspaper today and it said "Matric Passrate 98%" and I was like ,"hell no,its a lie" , "the comrades are trying to to pull a fast on us" then after my rant and post on twitter .I read the article,the 98% was for the private schools and it made sense.No need for accusations.I could believe it but it also made me go mmmmmh.Our public education has become so bad that it is inconceivable that our public school could reach a 98% especially after last years fiasco of a whole month of football that was followed by 3 or so weeks of strike  and that were naturally followed by a school holiday.Ja nee thats us Mzansi in spite of the usual challenges of overcrowding, unmotivated teachers, an uncooperative union and teen group that no one seems to understand last year was probably one of the worst schooling years in history since that of 1994.

Yet the question is why every year it seems that the Private schools are getting better and better whilst our government schools are getting worse?Is it because private schools have better teachers, money or are more organized. The ANC have a long history of valueing education from one just needs to look at what they did with the Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College in exile and what they achieved with it but what happened? 16 years our public education sector is a bit of joke which is a shame if you think of the history of education as far as the majority of the country is concerned.From education being available for a privalaged few during the missionary school years, to the systemic devalueing of the African child through Bantu Education and how young people fought against it. June 16 1976 was the epitome of a fight for a proper education it baffles to think our education system is struggling like this. Espicially since our brothers on the continent like Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania and the like gave South Africa a good example of what to do ,cause immediately after their liberation these countries invested in education  which empowered the people, espicially those from poor bckgrounds.So where are we going wrong?

Is it just the government? the unions?the teachers? the students who are to blame? or rather it's not a question of blame but of ownership and change.I believe we, especially communities within townships, have left our own schools to their own devices. We need to take ownership of the schools to start with. We need to make sure the schools are well equipped. Raise funds for those extra classes, for stationaries then the unions will follow suit instead of always being a stumbling block the unions can be a partner in bettering the education system and the government can make teaching a lucrative and rewarding career by putting more incentive for training and personal development of teachers which is happening but not at a great rate.

Until then the onus is on us to find initiatives within communities to help our schools and teachers to be where we want to be.If it means extra classes or help mending that which is broken its on us. Just complaining about our education system aint going to change the status quo. We,those who have brothers,sisters,kids and friends in the public school need to do something to help achieve that better education in our own way and hopefully that will lead to a critical mass and that might help in improving our result.To paraphrase Biko South Africa ,you are own you own, waiting on government ain't going to help. Those who have benefited from freedom and its fruit , we need to nourish the tree of freedom with our hands,our efforts the tree has had enough blood it needs labourers who are willing to give of their time, their knowledge and of themself ,sabela uyabizwa

The public school results come out on thursday 

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