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Things DOS can do that Linux can't

Posted by: mandibleclaw

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Things DOS can do that Linux can't Here's a text file that gives a couple of points on things MS-DOS can do, but Linux can't, without a bit of hacking.

The page concerns itself mostly with the fact that Dos is smaller and faster than Linux. You can load it on a floppy without any tweaking whatsoever ,etc.

If you think you know computers, check this page on 'What REAL Computer People Need To Know About Computers'

While I agree with most of what he says, I think that he does go overboard a little bit. Is it really possible that one single person could know that much?

'You need to know all the major languages: C, Fortran, BASIC, ...'

He lists nine languages in total. Nine programming languages! Yes there's value in that, but nine programming languages! Goddamn.

Actually nine programming languages aren't so bad. If you can  BASIC, Pascal can count as 1 language, because they're somewhat similar and C and Java can be lumped in the same boat. Then well, I only have 7 programming languages to learn. Cool!

Anyway, there's quite a large number of stuff mentioned in that article that I should know. So bye for now, I'm getting an electronics book.
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written by salambander, July 17, 2007
A great book to get is "Code Craft" by Peter Goodliffe.

It's fantastically written and makes any code you write in any language much, much better.
written by Jas, July 18, 2007
Once you know the fundamentals of programming, learning different languages becomes a thing of learning the syntax.

I have, in my time, learned and used over 9 programming languages. There are definitely some similarities in certain languages. (C# / Java / PHP / C++) are very alike in syntax.

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