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The Thank You & Non Politically Correct Review..

Posted by: Wolfe

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So last week I received my prize from MyDL. It was a welcome comfort to see me through the man flu that still haunts me.

The first game I popped in was Gears of War is my review..


You are a COG, a huge mean mother***ker government soldier, Marcus. You aim is to shoot the shit out of real fugly looking aliens and humanlike creatures...Okay, there is a plot...something about finding Marcus's dad and destroying lambents and locusts, but who cares about the plot? Going into detail about the plot would be the same as writing a detailed analysis of the storyline in point....


The graphics are okay....when I say real can you make an alien look? It's typical first person shooter arcade style graphics, but it suits the game.

Virtual World

Although the graphics with regards to the characters and the manner in which they explode, spurt blood & guts is arcade-like, the virtual world in which you play has some great detail and really sets the mood. One particular chapter finds you in a post apocolyptic city where people where turned to ash while fleeing from whatever terror rained down upon them. The detail was amazing and it had a very eerie feel...the realism of certain places you explore makes you want to stick close to your team mates and not be caught alone in the dark somewhere.

The interaction with your virtual world is just as great. If you bump into one of the figures of ash, the crumble and make you cough. At one point you can pick up a baseball cap and decide how you want to wear it. Bumping into small itmes sends them flying out of the all makes up for the tacky aliens.

The Bad Guys

Some of these are easy to kill while other are a bitch to get down. You get to battle spider-looking things, floating blob-like creatures with massive teeth and machine guns. The palace guards are large armored humanlike creatures that can only be killed with explosives.

At some points during the game you get to do battle with a real bad-ass spider. This thing is huge and for someone that suffers from arachnaphobia it was not a very pleasant playing experience.

All these aliens have names like grunts, klunks, lambents etc.....still not familiar with the different types, but some of them seem to have a child-like state of mind. The Boomers are fat ugly bald dudes that shoot bombs and every time they fire all they say is "Boooooom"....funny....


Each character in your team of COGs have their own personality. Some are arrogant, some are funny, some serious and some pesimistic. Cole and his team have quite a sense of humor, where Marcus and his team are very serious....sometimes a bit dramatic...

One thing about all of them is that they are not f**cking afraid to say how they feel....if you get my drift...


You get to carry grenades, two rifle weapons and one handgun. You can pick up different weapons to substitute for what you have and ammo is fairly easy to gather. Some of your weapons have a secondary fire function or, like with the Lancer, it can be used as a chainsaw....groovy....

Throughout the game you get to use some really cool weapons like gattling guns, catapults and even an armored body suite type thing.... 


It was a really fun game to play and I think it will make for awesome system-link, co-op or mutliplayer gameplay. I finished the game in about 10 hours, thanks to the ability your team mates have of reviving you when you get taken down.

Thanks to MyDL for this great prize. I have decided to include a pick to prove that it wasn't some marketing scheme :P

I am still trying to figure out the remote and have just started playing Forza 4......all I can say about this game is that the graphics are mind blowing, but I am still trying to figure out how you can compare it to how cars handle in real life without the use of pedals and a steering wheel....

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written by Charmed, December 14, 2011
Awesome stuff! So that's why you've been so quiet... you've ditched us for gaming smilies/tongue.gif

I don't think I've read any bad reviews about Forza 4.

written by Syllable, December 14, 2011
Your price? I hadn't realised you were for sale. Not that I should be surprised, I guess...
written by Wolfe, December 14, 2011
What are you talking about? .......easy on the meds.....
written by Syllable, December 14, 2011
Don't you just love the edit function? What are YOU talking about? The meds are all that's keeping me from going postal!
written by Echoes, December 14, 2011
*sniff* wow. Marketing scheme? I used my couch pets in my photoshoot. Nobody thought it was cute. smilies/sad.gif
written by Echoes, December 14, 2011
Hahaha.... Just realized you called it man flu too!

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