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The social media sites part 2 - Pleasure

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In the first post I covered the more business side of social sites.

On the more social side there is obviously this site that I have contributed to for a while. It has enabled me to satisfy a growing desire that nowhere else could I satisfy so quickly and so easily. It has provided me with a digital home if you like somewhere where you know it is always warm and you are always welcome to contribute. Don’t however expect that your views are the only ones or the right ones and that is I suppose what makes it so special.

Of the more social sites I must mention them for other reasons than what may be obvious. When my kids went to high school (especially the youngest) Mxit was the rage. I had heard some very negative aspects to the site and quickly signed up to see what it was about and to try and track what they were getting involved with. Yes some of the stuff is very frightening and at the same time given that I boys of 14 and 13 what I saw in the chat rooms went over their heads. Still it is a great medium for communication, cost effective and useful even at an innocent level. I guess that it comes down to instilling the correct values in your kids from an early digital age. I still use it when my kids are out to communicate with them.

The dreaded or not facebook is an interesting one for me. My kids were on it and communicating wih my sister long long before I even considered it. I signed up 2nd of May 2008 and then only because I wanted to know what my kids were really idoing on the site. Since then I have used the site for communication, to get in touch with long lost acquaintances and even used it to secure a job interview. I see it as a very social site but one which if you manipulate and use can turn into a very powerful marketing tool even for an individual. That also posses some dangers because given the right circumstances or marketing wording, people can be easily sucked up into something that they would have never considered doing.

So there we are or should that be me at 55 using the following site very actively.

In no particular order of usefulness







I also use Twitter but that is a site that I use for a very specific purpose although it has revealed some surprising results wait for post number 3.


In the meantime go have a look. Browse around even google me you might find me sitting in the corner with a gentle glass in my hand.


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