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The Occupational Health and Safety Act: A Burden or a Life Saver?

Posted by: Jawellnofine


What does Health and Safety mean to you and your business? Do you feel concerned for the safety and wellbeing of your employees? Do you ensure that the workplace is conducive to productivity and welfare of all who work in it? Do you think that your employees are concerned about the wellbeing of your business?

The South African Occupational Health and Safety act (OHS Act) encompasses legislation that answers all of the above mentioned questions.

 Yet, this piece of legislation is mostly under-utilised and abused by a large portion of businesses and employees in and around South Africa.

This should not be the case, for the implementation and utilisation of the act is a simple process to sustain. Like all things, the initial phase tends to be cumbersome for most initiates but once completed, easy to sustain.

What must be understood is that the act ‘wants’ all white and blue collar workers to return home after a days work in the same condition as they left home for work. The act ‘wants’ all to feel safe during the execution of their jobs. The act further ‘wants’ all to feel like they are part of the much needed productive work force, working together to building a better South Africa.

The downside is that OSH act implementation is not an income-generation commodity. OHS act implementation falls under the same category as administration and finances; all burdensome but necessary to the wellbeing of the business.

Labour legislation makes the implementation of the OHS act crucial and binding on all businesses. There is no way around this thorny problem. It has to be undertaken, implemented and policed.

The easy way around the process is to embrace the OHS legislation, to ensure that your employees embrace the legislation and to ensure that once the initial processes are completed, that they are maintained and sustained.

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