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The meaning of life, the universe and everything

Posted by: sgb


If you could ask.. an authority...someone in charge...someone who knows!! just one question what would it be?

I ask this question because that quirky search site -, previously known as 'Ask Jeeves' has just released it's version of the 10 most unanswerable questions.

Ask Jeeves has been running for 10 years now. It always prided itself on being a bit different from the other search engines - a search engine where you could ask specific questions, and hopefully you could get meaningful answers. A little bit more upmarket than Yahoo Ask, and a bit less formally correct (actually a lot) than Wolfram. It provided intelligent answers, often of the normal search variety, but tried at times to add a bit of fun.

In honour of it's 10th anniversary it has now created a site Jeeves unanswerables, with the sub-header "Help me answer life’s Unanswerable Questions! ". These are the top questions asked which have no definite answer (well, some of them). It is interactive so you can try an answer (and win an iPod, though that normally is reserved for the States), and see what others (including celebrities) have answered.

Some of the questions are deep (like a pond):e.g.

- Q1. What is the meaning of life? [yes, good to know, ..]

while others are a bit more prosaic:

- Q9. Did Tony Soprano die? [like??? Is this important?]

For myself, I would like the correct answer about blondes (do they have more fun?) and I quite frankly couldn't care about what the best diet is. Except maybe once that is discovered there will be far fewer books on the subject.

I didn't see a question on what the Lotto numbers will be though. Or who will win next year's Durban July. Or even if Pieter de Villiers is the correct man to lead the Boks. Too easy maybe?

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written by Dissol, September 21, 2010
Me, me, me, I know the answer to the first question...and if you google it you get the right answer. Google is FAB!
written by thenack, September 21, 2010
Interesting post, what are the other questions?

I would like to know how I can make enough money .... so can have time to answer all the other questions (-;
written by atue2000, October 03, 2011

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