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The human virus

Posted by: EgbertFly

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I once heard an analogy that pointed out that as much as we hate insects, we cannot live without them.

The logic behind the analogy was that without insects, we humans would be living on a barren planet and as a result, we would all die.

However if we humans left the planet, the planet would flourish.

We have all the traits of a virus.  In fact we are a virus, and the host that we infect is the planet that we live on.  We are a cancer.

So what is the solution?  Well in the human body, if cancer is found, it needs to be cut out.  But unfortunately on a planet wide scale that is not so easy.  The fix then should be slightly less drastic.

So can we do?

I remember reading years ago that our planet would run out of oil in the middle of the century.  If I remember the year was about 2050.  So it is taken as a given that the planet does not have the required amount of petrified raw materials to create fuel, so coal and oil are at a premium. 

This means that the drive towards alternative forms of energy is accelerating at a huge rate.

Green, green, green, but is anyone listening?

Car manufacturers are presenting alternative energy vehicles, power sourcing for houses and business needs to be changed.

Change is expensive, and that is where the problem lies.  Someone must carry the cost, and it is always the consumer.  If it is good for the planet, then make it available, but if it is bad, make it cost plenty.

Bio-fuels are raising their heads, but what happens to the waste products?  At the rate we are going, the entire planet is going to go up in smoke soon, be it from fires to keep us warm or from the smog that is caused by exhaust fumes from cars and big business.

Folks, a solution needs to be found and it needs to be done so soon.  If it is not, we as a race will die.  There is simply too many of us.  The planet cannot carry us all.

Our greed is going to be our down fall.

Now after reading though all this, one might ask as to where the digital reference of this article, well vague and obscure as it might be, the very fact that you are reading this online, means that some where power is being generated, and it is that power that has made it possible for you to be able to read this article.

We as a race, as a species are addicted to power, and we need to break that addiction.


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written by Dissol, March 26, 2010
Rather than a cancer we are actually a bug. In any human body there are 10 times more bacterial cells than there are human cells. I find that a truly startling statistic.

I agree that our addiction to power needs to be curbed, but I think that the answer (not the problem) lies in our digital lives. The fact that I can make connections through the internet means that I can have business interests on the other side of the world, & I do not have to jump on a plane each time there is a meeting. this afternoon I was working on a project based in Sandton. Previously, I would have spent the day (or longer) in the architects' offices going through piles of paper with different plans on them. Each revision could require a reprint. Looking at the data we are already on revision 14. But I did this work from the comfort of my own home (using my new touch screen desktop machine) in the Winelands of the Cape. My carbon footprint, compared to what it would have been 10 or 20 years ago is fractional. I can have regular meetings with employees around the country (or even overseas). I can design, share, and modify plans. I can call up colleagues for the very latest international best practices.

Yes, we need to vastly reduce the human footprint on the planet. But we need to be clever. I don't want to go back to living in a cave burning organic candles for light. Instead I am already designing my new house which will not need to rely on Eskom but I shall produce all my own electricity. There are some great advances in the design of ecological houses. Solar panels; solar heating (and cooling) living roof. Really great fun to do. Decided it would be easier to build new rather than try to adapt my own house. Fortunately the plot has plenty of water, but with careful planning I shall never have to leave home.

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