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The Future is NOW!

Posted by: DevilTrigger

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I was digging around the landfill that is my room when I found an old CAR mag from 2005. Being prime toilet literature (Sorry CAR, that's pretty much the peak of your use for me), I gave it the once over, and all dated car information aside, I saw an add for a "new" phone.

TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT WITH A PHONE   read then caption, with 2 pictures of the phone, the front and rear, flanking it. The phone in question was a Sony Erisson K750i. I'm gonna type out the description verbatim:

The new 2 megapixel K750i with Autofocus. Viewed one way it's a digital camera, with a 2 megapixel camera and a 262k colour screen you can take and display perfect pictures, and with a 64 MB Memory Stick PRO Duo you can store up to 200 at high resolution

2 Megapixel? 64 MB memory? They're actually boasting about features like that? You pick up a phone with features like that today from  Pep, and if you lucky they throw in a free pair of socks. It was both shocking and funny to note that what was cutting edge a mere 5 years ago is now almost laughable by todays yard stick. We all know technology is hurtling along like the speed of light on steroids, but dammit it's still weird to look at.

It got me thinking though, what objects that we have today will, in another 5 years perhaps, be totally common, funny, and in retrospect, an absolute waste of money? A lady I work with was showing me her  Nokia something or the other that cost almost 4 grand when it first came out, but my  newer Nokia cost me a grand and does not only the same, but more. All these people rushing to buy all these over priced new goods (cough cough, Apple) may be left feeling quite stupid with their then "It" purchases. I mean the Ipad seems awesome now, but in a few years when the Itampon comes out, aint nobody gonna care about you and your huge old tablet.

And if I've mentioned it before, I'll mention it again (Hey, funny original endings are hard to come up with, gotta rehash shit now and again), this is where rich people play their part in society. Let them buy the new stuff, test it out, be our digital guinea pigs, and when the technology gets cheaper, we'll all indulge, for half the price.

So thank you for making me poor Jesus!

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