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The female sexual response


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Hard to believe but there are no major differences between male and female orgasms in humans.  Yep, no twilight zone mysteries!  Just good old fashioned pleasure, with the exception that the female of the species can have multiple orgasms should her partner be a kind, affectionate type of bloke (not hunting for a hole in one).


During a state of arousal the clitoris (which is not so hard to find guys), vaginal mucosa and breasts engorge with blood; the nipples become erect and due to increased activity of the vestibular glands the vestibule becomes lubricated to facilitate penal penetration.  These events, though more widespread, are similar to the process that occur during the erection phase in men.  To get your lover in the mood you could create sexual excitement by means of touch and psychological stimuli and the messages are sent to the brain via the same autonomic nerve pathways as in males.


The ever elusive orgasm is the final phase of sexual response.  Many women complain that orgasm is not achieved as often as they would like to.  Please refer to paragraph one Sir.  Your lover can have MULTIPLE orgasms if you treat her right.  Perhaps blokes are jealous and therefore would like to limit our joy? 


Sorry, I veered of the biology there for a moment.  Women do not ejaculate as men do.   

However, faking it can only be achieved by a pro and then the man still has to be quite inexperienced to fall for it!  Muscle tension increases throughout the body, pulse rate and blood pressure rise and the uterus begins to contract rhythmically.   A sensation of intense pleasure follows accompanied by relaxation.  Tension released!  Females have no need for a recovery period after achieving an orgasm.  That is a purely male affliction.  This of course is the reason why women may experience more than one orgasm during a single sexual encounter.  If fertilization is to occur a man must achieve an orgasm and ejaculate whilst penetrating the vestibule.  A female orgasm is not a requirement for conception.


NB:  Even if you are sure that your home grown honey has indeed not faked it, do wait a while before you reach over and light that cigarette.  Take a moment and bask in the afterglow which sometimes leads to session two.



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written by Liquid circle, March 27, 2008
Sounds like fun, where did you learn this?? Can i get books on this subject :grin :grin
written by Syllable, March 27, 2008
I beg to differ on two points. Firstly, women can and often do ejaculate - this has been well documented (and not just in porn movies).
Secondly, a recovery period is sometimes needed - particularly in the case of a multiple orgasm - friction on sensitive areas gets a bit much sometimes... But that's just my humble opinion(s).
written by WINDPOMP SHERRY, March 28, 2008
I am studying biology at the moment and whilst paging through my text book discovered the whole experience in theory! Better to find out for yourself though... :roll
written by MEE, March 28, 2008
I think I'll just light that cigarette now!!

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