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The Disappointment that would become a the last icon: Tech highlights of 2011

Posted by: The Organ Harvester

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The Organ Harvester

I remember reading the tweets around the iPhone 4S. The whole world expected the iPhone 5, some people had even “bought” it on those criminal auction sites. The tweets were horrific. Apple had messed up. Steve had let everyone down.

Then Steve died and the iPhone4S is possibly the last Steve device we will see.  I got an iPad not long after that. Maybe it was something I always wanted. Maybe it was the attempt to own a piece of Steve before we lost the magic for good.

If we had to sum up tech this year, it was the year of the tablet, touch screen and apps. Vodacom and MTN launched app stores.  Samsung takes the lead in tablet computer sales and Steve Jobs dies to leave us wondering will we all go back to the days of Moses and the stone tablets.

I own an android tablet and now own an Apple iPad. What was I thinking.

Locally FNB did its bit to promote smart devices. SO much so that their supply of iPads has gone up from R200 per month to R229.

So here were are, only weeks away the launch of the iPhone 4S and no one dare speak a bad word about the fact it is probably the same phone as the iPhone 4. Well that is what they said when Apple announced it. So my take is that the best piece of tech for 2011 will be the 2011. Not because of the faster processor or Siri. Not because in the natural progression of tech it just seems logical to get the 4S after the 4 but because it will be the last Steve Jobs device. Sure he might have been working on other items before his death but it will forever be held as the symbol of one of humanity’s greatest modern innovators. 

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written by redsaid, November 28, 2011
I also became the owner of my first Apple device ever this year. Not an iPad or an iPhone, but an iPod Touch (which really is just like the iPhone, but without the pain of having to take/dodge unwanted calls!smilies/wink.gif). If I could afford it, I'd really like an iPhone and Macbook Pro!
written by mirfaan, November 29, 2011
the delivery strategy has always been predictable though - Apple releases new phone models to same beat of phone contracts, every 2 years, which is the greatest and cheekiest ploy of how utterly gullible the human consumerist psyche is. If you bought an iPhone 3 new, you're likely to but an iPhone 4 new only if there is hype and new-ness around the device when your existing contract terminates.

similarly, if you bought an iPhone 3GS, you are willing to but slightly newer if not all that amazing tech, and when your contract dies (the same time as the 4S is released), you're likely to be a repeat offender.

in our endeavours to buy new and exciting things, we want this to happen in safe and predictable ways.

steve is a symbol of humanity's greatest intrinsic exploiters. hurrah.

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