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The Digs Hunting Diaries: Part 8

Posted by: tally

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If you thought it was over, you were wrong.

Nothing in life is ever really as simple as finding what you want and getting it... well unless you're in a supermarket.

Finding digs is no different. Excited I had found somewhere I was happy with for next year, and relieved that I didn't have to spend more valuable time tracking down numbers, making calls and hunting (well at least for digs, my journalism course requirements still stood), I waited for the lease to arrive in my inbox.

I had gone on another trip into town with StarryNight (this time thankfully free of vagina - unlike last time) to be presented to the estate agents as "the girl who is going to take over my lease at the end of the year". They had made me fill in a form with my contact details and then promised to send me the lease, surety form, debit order form and 'golden rules of occupancy'. All seemed set. And then something amazing happened...

My good friend BS (recurring character in this saga, first mentioned here) came to lectures with a big sad expression on her face. The reason? Her rent was going up by 15% at the end of the year. Now she already lives in The Greens which means she's already paying more than usual for her flat. Her boyfriend, also a good friend of mine, Sky (first mentioned here) is also living in The Greens and his rent was increasing by 12%. For the next few days two very stressed and worried friends contemplated their options.

And then one night BS said to me "Sky and I are looking to move in together because of the rent - he is getting nailed too. So I went digs hunting today and found some interesting stuff. We were wondering (if you haven't signed the lease yet) if you are willing to move in with us?"

My heart gave a leap at the possibility. Of course I jumped at the idea. My one-roomed-flat with the avo tree forgotten as I pictured waking up every morning and sharing breakfast and/or coffee with two of my best friends. I imagined evenings spent sitting on the sofa chatting until late into the night. Sky, who lives with his brother currently, was not sure he would move out of The Greens, but BS was certain that she had to.

The idea of sharing a digs with one of my best friends was an idea I discarded very early in this process. All of my good friends either had a digs already or were planning on moving in with someone else. I didn't even let myself imagine how great it would be to walk into campus together everyday or pick out furniture together.

The next few days were a blur of excitement as I returned to the estate agents this time requesting four-, three- and two-man digs (much more easy to come by). BS and I spoke about how great it would be living together, Sky mentioned that every meal would be like a dinner party.

And then the call came.

BS's parents, after reviewing the situation, had decided that she could stay in The Greens. Close to everything, secure and already settled. And as BS returned to picturing herself at The Greens in her current flat next year, so did everything else return to the way it was before. Isn't it strange how somehow none of us could find the happiness we had had before?

The lease arrived in my inbox.

Things learned from this experience:

1) Two- , three- and four-man places are much easier to find than single-man places
2) Everything is much cheaper if you live with people
3) The whole digs thing is much more exciting when you have people to share it with

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