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The Digs Hunting Diaries: Part 6

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If I imagined my ideal home it would probably be a lot like the house I spent my primary school years in. Amazing how you never know what you've got till it's gone.

The place was nothing really fancy. It was an old barn on a large plot of land in a place called Noordhoek, famous for its long beach (called Long Beach, fancy that) which appears in various movies, and its hippy population. The large plot of land was the best playground a little girl could hope for. In the front we had a garden where my mom grew herbs, and lavender and small pink roses grew wild. The back was covered in Bougainvillea so thick that one could sit under it and feel like one was in a tent. The house itself was one large room, with a small bathroom (just a tub and a sink and small gas geyser) and a loft (my room). It had a large bay window, a high ceiling and wooden floors. It was dusty and rural but in my slightly faded memories it was the pastoral ideal.

This is possibly why I was so enchanted with digs # 4.

Estate Agent #1 does not like me very much. Or perhaps she doesn't like anyone. She stared at me over her papers as she took a bite out of her apple. I knew I was five minutes early but surely that's not a terrible enough crime to warrant the glare she was giving me.

"Excuse me," I said, "I have an appointment for 12:00?"

It wasn't meant to be a question, but I felt as though putting a fullstop there was being too presumptuous.

"Yeees" she said slowly and deliberately as if measuring me up by the amount of time it took to make me feel uncomfortable. It didn't take long. I was already uncomfortable when I walked through the door. This was the second time I was going to see her. The first time (in case you haven't read my previous tales of woe on the matter) she told me that my appointment had to be canceled because her car was in the shop. When I'd phoned her to change this appointment to a time that didn't clash with an important lecture, she had informed me that the one place I wanted to look at was gone already. Now, a day later, I was there to see the other place I'd wanted to look at almost a week before.

"You wanted to look at 26 Market?" She asked, paging slowly though her appointment book.

"Yes." I said quickly.

"Sorry it's gone" she said

"Oh." I said. There was no reason this time would be any more successful than my previous two experiences. I was about ready to leave when she said, "what are you looking for?"

Before I could stop them, my hopes rose and I told her that I was looking for a one-man (or perhaps two-man since one man places seemed very scarce), in walking distance of campus and under R2000. She sighed heavily and looked at the digs *list*. She sighed again and turned the page. She circled one place and then said "this is a very nice place, I'm sure it will be gone soon. Two man with everything. Can't take you now because we don't have an appointment but give them a call" she jotted down a number, "and arrange to see it. If you like it then you can come in and sign the lease".
And that was that.

Blinking I stepped into the bright sunshine on the street outside thoroughly overwhelmed. On the whole list of digs, there was only one place that I could look at... and it might be gone by morning. Plus I needed to share with someone.

Now I don't know if I'm capable of sharing my space. I'm an only child, you see, and even in res I keep to myself. One of the few people I can picture myself sharing a place with is ScarletFury. We lived in res together and got on well. We both hate the idea of living with another girl enough to be ok living with each other. Strange logic, but it works. At my birthday party, when I was less than lucid, I seemto remember somewhere in the haze, her voice telling me that she was looking for a digsmate. Bearing this in mind I'd contacted her a few days later to see if she was still interested. She was.

Now I actually had a possible two man place, I tried to arrange with her to go and see it. However, her timetable and the timetable of the current tenant clashed and the only time the tenant could fit me in was one of the only times ScarletFury couldn't make it. So I went to see the place. Alone.

And fell in love.

If this diary entry wasn't already so long (and I thought any of you were vaguely interested) I would post pictures. Suffice it to say the Grey Street house (yes, right side of town and close to campus) had wooden floors, a bay window and large bedrooms. It was attached to a main house with washing facilities and was furnished. For the first time I thought perhaps I could just *know* a place was right. There were two problems:

1) Convincing HiddenFury she wanted to move in there with me
2) The R1950 pm rent *excluding* electricity *or* internet.

When I talked to HiddenFury later she seemed as disturbed about the R1950 as I had been, and very keen to rather wait and see if she could move in next door to some other friends. The problem is... that place is still being built. Judging by how fast the other houses at Agency #1 went, I doubt that this house would last long enough for her to find out details about the other place... or convince her parents the R1950 was worth it.

And so with a heavy heart I let it go.

Things learned from Digs #4

1) Fantasies do come true, you just sometimes have to pay through your teeth for them
2) There is still hope of finding somewhere I actually like... I don't have to settle. At least not yet.

Part Seven
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