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The day the Berries died

Posted by: ShackledMuse



October 10th 2011 will forever be remembered as the day that productivity, the will to carry on and the like, came to a stand still. A complete standstill, spanning 3 different continents, affecting millions of people. 

Cries of sorrow and distress reached the grey heavens as those millions faced their biggest challenge and their worst fears. They wept, they swore, they cried, they mourned. They lost the will to live. A sadder day hath never been seen, since first the sun arose.

I'm talking about the globad disaster created when the Blackberry Internet Service crashed. 

Think I'm over-exaggerating? Just take a look at some of the gems from my Facebook Newsfeed:

The Broken Hearted:

EV: All dogs go to heaven. All blackberrys go to hell
EV: The new abbreviation for "bullshit" is BIS.
JK: ‎....BBM.... :(
JK: Europe, middle east and africa is affected by the bb problem, its not clear what the problem is yet, but they promise to release a statement soon... wtf? they have had more than 5 hours to find the problem and a solution. #not happy
RN: I'm at that point where I will do anything to get bbm working again #majorwithdrawlsymptoms
JK: Like seriously, when the f*#@ are they gonna fix the bb service??? This is insane!!!! I am lost.... #help me :(
SB: Die Blackberry storie moet nou einde kry, hulle wil my nou forseer om my ou Sony Ericsson uit die kas uite gaan haal en weer te begin mxit!!


The Smug:

The Nephew: Steve jobs way of saying iphone is better than bb
MH: Lol @ all of the people who told me to get a blackberry coz it's just sooo awesome! ... I love my droid thankyouuu :)
RN: My name is Donovan Stewart. I am a survivor living in Joburg. I am broadcasting on all BBM frequencies. I will be at the Keg fourways everyday at mid-day, when the sun is highest in the sky. If there's anybody out there... anybody... please. You are not alone. My BBM also crashed yesterday
LM: im glad i never owned that CIA fone called Blackberry
RS: Mwahahahaha how self satisfied am I writing this from my amazing iPhone (that always works) to all the people who always say that Blackberry phones are soooo much better. Better luck next time!!!


Don't get me wrong. I'm not some old fashioned techno-hater incapable of understanding the social media culture. I have a Blackberry myself (that I won last year in a MYDL give away.) I use BBM, I check my facebook updates many times a day, and having all my mails in one place is a dream. 


Unlike a scary percentage of BB users, I'm pretty sure I can survive without it.

 I feel a tiny bit betrayed though that RIM kept their loyal customers (albeit crazy and addicted customers) in the dark. "Undermining our intelligence," as one reporter put it. The competition is very tight these days, and the iPhone/Android/Blackberry war is far from over... Do they really want to  lose the people keeping them in business?

So we approach the end of the third blackberry-less day.

I'm happily browsing using WiFi.

I'll survive a few more days without my BB. 

Please please don't take my Android away, though....


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written by Jawellnofine, October 13, 2011
This is hilarious viewing in traditional British humour style.


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