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The Daughtry Twitter Braai project

Posted by: The Source

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The Source

In July 2009, I wrote a review of Leave this Town by Daughtry. Thanks to @Chris_Daughtry re-tweeting it the following day to his something like ka-zillion followers, it became one of the most viewed reviews I have written at the time.

If you want to read it, be my guest and do so here.

At the end of the review I wrote the following:

The rumour is spreading that Daughtry is planning a stop over in South Africa for a tour.  I am hoping for a camp fire in the bush with a few acoustic guitars and a couple of beers.  I will have one question.

How can you be this great and sound so normal?

So South Africa, next week the band Daughtry will be touring South Africa and I still do not have my camp fire moment set-up. Not really a train smash, but I would like to take that review full circle.



The Social plan that borders on stalking to get the job done


braaiwithChris myDL, Twitterverse, Facebookville and other social networks, I need your help to get Daughtry to sit down with me at a camp fire and answer my one question.

I need you to help me stalk Daughtry on Twitter and Facebook.

Stalk is perhaps too strong a word with too many negative connections to it, but I promise you this will al be in good fun. More fun than you re-tweeting some stupid line to win an Apple iPad.

There are several reason why Chris Daughtry and the band should have a braai with me and a couple of friends:

Attention Daughtry Band

IMG00027-20091108-1228You are invited to have a braai with me and a couple of friends and experience a side of South Africa you will never forget – The South African Braai.

a) Instead of spending time in a hotel room or some boring restaurant, you can spend it outdoors

b) Wors, tjops, steaks and “braai broodjies” will be on the menu, with your choice of beer.

c) A South African Braai is the only place where you can learn about Rugby and everyone agrees that the national coach sucks.

d) At a South African Braai nobody will judge you if you go back for second servings. In fact we would appreciate it.

During a South African Braai there is always music playing in the background, people chatting and laughing and some guy singing De la Rey (we will explain this if you attend the braai).

There is always an acoustic guitar lying around which at some stage will be occupied by a drunk guy who has no clue how to play it. Nevertheless he will attempt to play a song and eventually people will start singing along. As International Rock Stars you are more than welcome to intervene and play some songs you like... or De la Rey.


Now normally interviews are conducted in the normal boring press conference set-up. Personally I like interviews to be fun like:

a) Hanging with The Ataris on a couch backstage

b) Playing Wii Bowling against Arno Carstens

c) Dressing up like a Frenchman and walking into the French Embassy (the French still don’t know what hit them)

So a one question interview/South African Braai would be really cool.

Hope to see you there

Joe Diedericks

How this plan works with your help

Ok people, bloggers, Tweeple and those of you who hang out on Facebook.

I need you to help me get this message to the Daughtry band and take the review 360 degrees.

Help me “stalk” them by tweeting the following:

@Chris_Daughtry Have a braai in South Africa with @joediedericks and answer his question

You can help me by:

a) re-tweeting the following Tweet I posted: RETWEET THIS

b) Join the official Facebook page and copying the message on the page.

If you can do that everyday for the next 4-5 days I think this could do the trick.

I would love to see if we can make this work using social networking in South Africa. On a personal level this would be a great interview for me and I think it will provide the band with a great South African experience.

I thank you for your help in this project and promise that after this you can go back and tweet to win an iPad... I will :)

In summary

Turn this






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written by RIC007GP, October 24, 2010
Sounds like it will be great. If you by some miracle get them to agree to come to your braai can I come too??? smilies/grin.gif

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