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The Club is Alive: JLS

Posted by: Phoenix Benedict

Phoenix Benedict

'The Club is Alive'

Firstly I have to admit that I thought JLS was an abbreviated version of Jules or Jazzy Lip Sounds or something as nonsensical as that. Only a while into the music video did I realize that the other three guys (besides dancing together like a diluted N'Sync quartet) sang as well - although they all sound the same, no variety, or harmonic or musical substance.

I got excited with the borrowing of the tune reference to 'The Sound of Music', yet the popified version is a vile reflection on how great songs can be degraded into medieval slave labour by bubblegum pages whose balls haven't dropped properly yet.

The two middle Eastern blokes and the two black dudes create an interesting visual mix yet musically and vocally it is a tasteless, meaningless expression of bobbing genitals and sexual innuendo, with the actual song served as a side dish.

At least Westlife can sing, and yes, they do sing about love, sex and more meaningful aspects of life in general. Pity, the club may be alive for a few moments while this song plays, but I predict an imminent deep slumber to be looming for groups such as JLS.

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