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The Chinese state secrets are in SA

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The Source


A new law is being drafted in China to impose stricter control over the internet.

This new law will require of telecom operators and Internet Service Providers to use their own internal resources to detect potential violations of state secrets.

They must also report the violation and delete the information that was shared.

Now I am baffled by this new law.


The whole thing about a state secret is just that, it is a state secret.  Nobody outside the state should know about it. So how do they expect ISPs and telecom companies to know what is state and what isn’t state secrets.  Are they stupid?

Aside from that, how do you know whether the information that is considered to be “state secrets” are in fact authentic?

Apparently the Chinese government did release a very vague definition of what a state secret is.  Basically if it hurts China’s image or its economical growth, then it is a state secret.  Can you imagine how many “state secrets” are in South Africa?

Every time a toy breaks and the words “Made in China” is engraved on the bottom of the toy, it is a state secret.  Every time you see a Chinese Restaurant with questionable food, it is a state secret. And do not get me started on the fact that they live in the back of their shops in almost every little small town in South Africa.  While you are trying to shop for a bargain you smell the noodles cooking behind the curtain which is actually their kitchen.

Hey China... I see state secrets.

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