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The art of Score

Posted by: The Source

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The Source
    Given the time we would all like to grow old and spend our golden years with one we married when we just left school.

Given modern day social exposure, we aren't all granted that wish.

How much has changed since the day our grand parents got married if anything really.  It is uncommon to go to an 50th wedding celebration - indeed these occasions are celebrations.  You will witness more Springbok wins than showing up at one of these parties.

We long for a time where the silence between us will be enough words spoken - more truly than when we first met.  Keep Loved - The Source
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written by FoXXy, June 11, 2007
*sigh*... i sure would love to be the one celebrating a 50 year wedding anniversary... buut,, i think we would all have been destroyed and the world would have been taken over by robots.... (too much battlestar gallactica, i know :zzz )

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