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The Apple experience – One bite had me Hooked

Posted by: Shesthegeek


Last week MadamGeek packed up her iPhone and gave She’s the Geek the opportunity to Review her Gadget for a few days. It truly was an amazing experience and every Geeky person’s dream come true.

The iPhone is the first of a new generation of phones: it’s a touchscreen smartphone running Apple’s OS X operating system. Instead of using buttons, joysticks, etc, the iPhone has icons that appear on the huge touch-sensitive screen. The screen is enormous, and the user interface is simply breathtaking.

When playing with the user interface you can begin to believe the hype. Touch the Phone icon on the screen and the address book appears; tap on a name and the iPhone makes a call. Touch the Photos icon and your photo album glides onto the screen.

Using the iPhone for me was simply an amazing experience; it was Love at first touch and hard to imagine ever going back to a normal phone.

The iPhone is an iPod too of course; you can download songs from iTunes on the move. 8 Gbytes is enough to store 2,000 songs. Other great features include the Safari web browser, Google Maps and built-in Wi-Fi support.

So, what to conclude about the iPhone? It’s clearly not just any phone, it’s a Revolutionary Phone and virtually a must have.

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The Source
written by The Source, June 07, 2010
Mmm, I will stick to my guns and remain a BlackBerry fan smilies/cool.gif
written by Shesthegeek, June 07, 2010
I am a Nokia Fan all the way, whilst spending time with iPhone the Apple has definetly melted my heart smilies/cool.gif

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