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The Akinator is here to waste your entire damn afternoon.

Posted by: riiaan


Do not click on this link.
If you do, you could spend the whole afternoon wasting time with this game.

It is Akinator, the genie genius. Think of anyone and answer the questions asked by the genie and he will guess who you are thinking of.

Time and time again I am surprised by his accuracy. He easily guesses the first three characters I thought of – Jackie Chan, Billy Corgan (from Smashing Pumpkins) and Blade.

Akinator does a good job of guessing mainstream characters from USA and Britain, so I wondered, would Akinator know any South Africans…

It started with pretty much with the standard line of questions, and then Akinator started zooming in on his target:

·       Is your character an African? – yes.

·       Is your character a politician? – yes.

·       Have your character won a Nobel Prize? – nope, you are thinking of Nelson Mandela.

And then I got the zinger – Does your character lie a lot? Boo-Yaa, Akinator absolutely nails it.

The world sees our President as a liar.
Jacob the Liar.

Love him or hate him, this is what the rest of the world thinks of our President.

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