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Thank you, Steve Jobs

Posted by: Charmed

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Although we knew why Steve Jobs left Apple when he did, it was still a shock reading about his death via Twitter and Facebook yesterday.

I don't want to rehash what's already been said, I'm sure you've read all about it online. Bottom line, he was an innovator, a visionary, a creative genius and a brilliant business man. And he will not be forgotten.

A lot of people outright call me an Apple fangirl, and while I won't call myself a "fangirl", I am a fan of Apple. Yes, there is a difference. 

When people ask for my advice on what phone or tablet they should get, the first thing I asked is "what do you want to use it primarily for?" Based on their replies, I recommend something. And believe it or not, I've recommended BlackBerry too.

The very first Apple product I owned was an iPod shuffle, second generation:

I remember back then (2006) I was still on a Windows machine and syncing to iTunes was just about the worst experience I'd had with any software. It frustrated me and I cursed it... until I discovered the 'don't sync with this computer' option. (Btw, to this day, iTunes is still the worse piece of software on Windows).

I decided to switch to Mac in 2009, and used my savings to buy a 13" MacBook Pro. I've never looked back. It's been a pleasure working with Mac, especially in the online environment - I don't have a machine that hangs when I need to get things done in a hurry anymore. I've edited video on it too - mostly because Mac made it so easy (by providing the software). I've since upgraded to a MacBook Air.

Last year for my birthday, my husband bought me an iPhone 3GS; and months later when the iPhone 4 was announced, I was convinced it was the most awesome phone, and I had to have it. If I ever had a "fangirl" moment, that would've been it. So I used my savings and bought one (well, a friend who was in Singapore purchased it for me).

Earlier this year, Dion Wired had a ridiculous mark down on iPads (about 50% off), when the iPad 2 was announced. Again, my husband very kindly bought one for me. I admit though, between my laptop and phone, my iPad does get neglected.

I love the simplicity of Apple's software (and hardware). Me, and millions of others worldwide... who will always be grateful to Steve Jobs for making our lives that much easier.



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written by redsaid, October 07, 2011
And thanks to YOU, I made my very first Apple purchase too! And I definitely don't regret it... Not only does it look good (although, in a world where so much stake is put on appearance, let's face it, that is a nice touch), but it works well. And in the end, that is all we want, right?

Nice tribute, by the way!
written by Charmed, October 07, 2011
You're welcome! I'm really glad you got something that does more than play music.

Looking forward to seeing something from you too!

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