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COEN VAN WYK - a brief introduction: I’m a lawyer, journalist, activist, former research scientist and former South African Air Force fighter pilot and transport pilot .

  This posting concerning David Pearl’s Facebook page, Vodacom Hell, was originally posted on one of my Facebook pages, titled “The Hell of Vodacom Hell exposed” at!/topic.php?uid=131408276899612&topic=185 and it can stilis still be found there, next to the folliwing “logo”:

It is actually rather uncanny that I was, in effect, introduced to MyDigitallife by the David  Pearl whose Vodacom Hell shenanigans I now expose in this posting. What happened is that, after I was duped by David Pearl, I created a Google Alert on David Pearl and Vodacom Hell and in due course I received a Google Alert regarding a reference on MyDigitallife to Pearl’s Vodacom Hell page. When I visited MyDL I discovered formatting options that Facebook simply does not have. I therefore immediately registered as a member on MyDL.

David Pearl started Vodacom Hell when Vodacom suspended his account due to his failure to pay Vodacom. In that manner he ensconced himself, ever so snugly, in a group of victims that he lured him into joining the Vodacom Hell initiative with the promise of a class action against Vodacom.

On 23 April 2010 Vodacom posted the following on Facebook:

“We have also been acutely aware of Mr David Pearl’s comments and issues with Vodacom. But the first time we became aware of his issues with our network quality was when we received an enquiry from 702 regarding a ‘class action suit’ against Vodacom. We subsequently contacted Mr Pearl to try to resolve his complaints on more than one occasion, but unfortunately he declined to provide us with any details about his bad network experience.

“We also went out of our way to be accommodating when his payment for services rendered was outstanding. In fact, we removed soft locks on Mr Pearl’s contract SIM cards on four separate occasions, as he promised to pay the outstanding money on his accounts. After four months of non-payment, despite his undertaking to pay his outstanding accounts, Vodacom disconnected Mr Pearl from the network. Mr Pearl now uses a Vodacom Prepaid SIM card, on which we are able to keep in touch with him. “

I extracted the quoted words of Vodacom from a posting on Vodacom Hells’ Facebook site and it was still on the site when I pened these words on 10 July 2010. That is rather surprising, given the fact that Pearl has a propensity for removing postings that raise questions that Pearl is embarrassingly unable to answers truthfully, without incriminating himself – as was the case when I asked who the attorneys are in his ”class action”.

The day after Vodacom’s posting. Pearl responded and the following are some of Pearl’s wacky statements, and my comments thereon:

1.            Pearl stated the following:

“you claim I owe you R15000.00, and that I refuse to pay it.”

It is quite clear that Pearl is in urgent need of training in English comprehension because the truth of the matter is that Pearl’s allegation that Vodacom claimed that he refused to pay what he owes Vodacom, is completely false. Vodacom never even used the word
“refuse” or any conjugation thereof in its posting. Any Vodacom lawyer with a mere basic ability in cross-examination would discredit Pearl with ease during the trial.

But what is also quite bizarre is that Pearl’s quoted words are also profoundly at variance with his following words in the same posting:

“you claim that I promised to pay. ”

So, in the same posting Pearl alleges that Vodacom claimed that he refused to pay and then contradicts himself by stating that Vodacom claimed that he promised to pay.

2.         But then Pearl’s weirdness continues when he thereafter made the following screwy remarks:

“you claim that I promised to pay. Yes I did promise to pay. If you lie to me, you can expect the same from me.”

Now that is so precious. Is this man, David Pearl, for real? Is he perhaps from cloud-nine-la-la-cuckoo-land? Is he too obtuse to realize how much mileage Vodacom’s lawyer’s are going to get during cross-examination out of Pearl’s admission that he lied at least four times by promising to pay his account?

And the sad thing is that Pearl is actively luring gullible people into joining his suicide mission!

3.         Now the only recalcitrance of Pearl that Vodacom alleged in its posting is evidenced in their following words:

“We subsequently contacted Mr Pearl to try to resolve his complaints on more than one occasion, but unfortunately he declined to provide us with any details about his bad network experience.”

Pearl never disputed that fact and the fact that he declined to provide Vodacom with any details about his bad network experience would prove to be fatal to his case against Vodacom. But what is rather shocking is that Pearl’s deplorable conduct would also, by association, have an adverse effect on the people who associates themselves with Peal’s antics.

4.         The unsophisticated characteristics of Pearl’s posting in response to Vodacom’s posting is quite startling. He starts off with an opening paragraph in the 1st person and thereafter switches to the 2nd person in the second paragraph. He actually alternates between the 1st and 2nd person in the first four paragraphs and then, mercifully, settles into second person mode for the rest of his posting.

Therefore, anybody who associates with Pearl’s Vodacom Hell shenanigans is associating with a self-confessed payment defaulter.
I also have a dispute with Vodacom and, although, as a lawyer who has been specialising in litigation for the past more than 30 years, I had already strategized and implemented my attack on the evil scoundrel, I was delighted when on 1 June last I discovered David Pearl’s Facebook site, titled “Vodacom Hell” since both the Vodacom Hell initiative and I could benefit from an alliance against Vodacom. But things got very ugly when I asked about the identity of the attorneys that are dealing with the alleged action that Pearl is allegedly spearheading. I will in due course have much, much more to say about that, the other shenanigans of Pearl and bunch of ill-mannered females that he refers to as his “admin”; and the action for damages and criminal actions that I will in due course launch against the mentioned individuals.

I also posted the contents of this posting as a comment on an article in Business Report of 23 July last, that refers to David Pearl and his Vodacom Hell antics. The article and my comment can be read by clicking on the following link:

I may mention that the small amount of gibberish contained in my comment on the IOL Business Report, that did not come from me.



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The Source
written by The Source, August 10, 2010
Welcome to myDL Coen.

Hope to hear (read) about your fighter pilot days

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