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Technology with a mind of its own!

Posted by: LexxyStar

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I'm a great lover of technology and i'm constantly keeping my ear to the ground to hear about the next big thing! One technology that has generated much interest in me is Nano-Technology. I'm impressed by the usage of organic material to develop the technology, but mostly, it's the size of the technology that has sparked much bigger interest in me. You can have a chip the size of a rice grain packing enough power to rival the much larger Pentium 4 microprocessors of today. Heck, the chip can even be smaller than that. L'Oreal has performed trials of including nano-technology in their creams, giving these creams the ability to intelligently target an area of concern. You could rub the cream on your hand and it would go directly to your hair and straighten out that dandruff problem. How about that hey??? But, there is the other side to this great technology. Because this technology is based on organic material, this means it can regenerate itself. Imagine a microchip spawning other chip spawns 10, 10 spawns 100 and so on and so on. What happens if there's a malfunction of the technolgy and it regenerates its own code to fix the malfunction. We end up with millions of microchips out there with minds of their own. It can fix problems when it feels like it, or kill when it feels like it. I foresee a lot of issues here! Greater than our little minds can comprehend. As much as I hail the genius of all those scientists who developed this technology, I also fear the possible outcomes! I suppose that's why Nano-Technology is referred to as "Black Dust" in some sceptical quarters! My 2 Cents Worth!!!
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written by hlakile, June 07, 2007
I agree to an extent to what you are saying. NT is a great advancement and like any new technology, it will have it's advantages and disadvantages. Proper research will prevent any side effects and hopefully the regulators of this technology will have enough foresight to prevent any major catastrophies. At present organs can be manufactured from a person's cells. This means that you could almost live forever. What is the regulations on organ replacement? How will you prevent a person from living forever? Every one of us has the right to life, so that is a bit of a bugger!

As human beings, we tend to create the reality we think of. If we start fearing NT we will have a disaster soon enough. If we appreciate this technology and have it work for us, we might advance beyond our current violent nature to a more civil society. Have you ever thought of the great power of lightning? Electricity can kill, yet we are sitting in front of a device that utilizes and controls that energy. The same could be said for NT.

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