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Technology… It’s a lifestyle

Posted by: iExperience


Wake up… after hitting the snooze button about 5 times.



Breakfast… a very quick one if I’m lucky considering I “snoozed” for way to long!

Get connected… to Facebook, our trusty friend Google, Twitter, and now Google+.





Clearly, I am slowing sliding back into my daily routine filled with technology (and its demands) after a good break.


But what were we doing before there was a snooze button? More importantly, who is the person responsible for making the most people late by inventing such a button in the first place? Instead of asking your gramps, you can simply ask the world by typing it into Google.


No longer do you need to tie a string around your index finger to remember something important, you can simply type out a memo on your phone. No longer do you need to grab a cup of sugar or an egg from your next-door neighbour because online shopping and delivery within 24 hours has solved that dilemma. No need for a watch (which was a new technology way back in 1504 when Peter Henlein made the first one ever) because, once again, the cellphone is equipped with one… just for your convenience.


This is no newsflash but I’m sure Peter Henlein would never have imagined how far his invention of a mobile time-keeping devise would actually go. Similarly, the evolution of the computer and other newer technologies are helping us get connected and stay that way. From the introduction of BBM for Blackberry users or the eBook, huge advances in tools and devices allow for the world to be at your fingertips… literally.


But what really made me realise this was an ad I came across the other day.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this video

Youtube video of Apple iPad2 advertisement


The Apple iPad2 ad presents itself as a companion for daily activities such as cooking, working, learning, reading and remembering (by recording) all those special moments. This tool as well as other rather outdated technologies in comparison (like the television or, dare I say it, the cellphone) often results in your best friend or mother saying “I just don’t know what I would do without it”.


Well, the Apple iPad 2 ad works a little differently. It looks at the things that we can do without the great advances in technology in the past decade or so, like reading a book or looking at photographs and how all these things are possible with the iPad. By making the iPad look like a friend (with benefits of a different kind), the reminiscent soundtrack and warm words of Peter Coyote, it’s no wonder that my very own extremely-technologically-challenged mother would be keen to get one for herself.


It comes across that even those who are intimidated by the thought of technology would be able to use such a device, after all it has never really taken a rocket scientist to cook a meal or turn a page before. Is it a good market strategy by Apple or a look at our future way of life? I guess Peter Henlein would say something like “only time will tell”.


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written by MrCoxR, July 27, 2011
Excellent, well written. If Peter Henlein didn't discover the watch, we will most probably have Apple time and not tea time. smilies/cheesy.gif

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