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Technologies forgotten

Posted by: The Source

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The Source

After the frame of my glasses broke this morning, I realized how much I took for granted the fact of perfect eye sight when wearing them.

It also caused me to look around me and notice how many people actually wear glasses on a daily basis.How did people get by in the earlier years?

In modern times we look at the 3D TV as the new line of next generation screens. 10 years ago the mere thought of a flat screen was unheard of really. The movie Minority Report showed some impressive screen that reacted to hand gestures. Soon that will be our future.

Is this how people saw glasses when they first became a speculation? Two glasses that you wear on your face that would enable you to see better. People probably listened in disbelieve and wondered if they would ever "see" it in their lifetime. Some maybe dared to dream of owning one.

What about a kettle?

We need a cup of coffee or tea and we simply switch on the kettle. There is no need to first start a fire so that you can heat up the water.

Somewhere in most cities there is a workshop that uses lasers to shape glasses that is perfect for you. Technology is used to improve our live in the highest regard, because if it wasn't for sight we would not be able to enjoy most of the new gadgets and tech stuff presented to us.

It makes me wonder what else are we taking for granted...

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written by Charmed, August 17, 2010
I can't imagine life before glasses! I need to get a new pair this week, too.
written by Dissol, August 17, 2010
Yes, amazing how modern technology has transformed our lives (or at least those of us that can afford the changes!). My own recent ops could not have been performed even 5 years ago. Had I been born in a previous generation then I would certainly be dead by now.

But for a large proportion of our society, even these simple everyday technologies are beyond them. I think that any affluent person in the world (and more so in South Africa) needs some cognitive dissonance to make it through the day... Or have a thick skin... It is when things go wrong we realise how lucky we are. A mere quirk of genetics, and / or time...
written by Linemanbob, August 18, 2010

things we take for granted, have you ever had a stuffed up mouse and you suddenly can't remember the keyboard shortcuts to do stuff, cause you're so used to just point and click.

toilet paper will always be there!!! NOT!!!!!

written by RIC007GP, August 20, 2010
You are so right. I remember, many years ago, being told that we would wear our phones on our belts. I couldn't get my head around that and laughed at the person who told me. I agree that sight is important. I broke my frame a little while ago. What frustrates me is that spectacles are so difficult to get right. I just wish that there was a better method for sight correction. At the moment Lasers can't fix everything and the results are imperfect. You would think they would have come up with something better by now. I guess there is less money in spectacles then in the things that require good eyesight.
The Source
written by The Source, August 20, 2010
I looked at the laser option at one stage. R 25 000 plus is a lot in my opinion. If I wear glasses for the next 20+ I would even spend more than that.

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