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Swine Flu - Conspiracy or Convenience

Posted by: guardian angel

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guardian angel
I was listening to a radio station where they were asking callers to give their view on this Swine Flu.  Not many callers were sharp enough to think that this may be a big conspiracy or even just a convenience to the now "world economic slump". 

Who is to say the virus was not deliberately "designed" and "released" by whatever the means in order to create a possible "opportunity".  It has happened before...why not this time too.

It has to make you wonder about a few things :

a)  The last time there was a world recession, swine flu reared its head.  Not as
     serious as this time, but there none the less.  Easy way to scare the world into
     ensuring all health precautions are taken (ie  billions spent on medication,
     doctors, hospitals, etc - worldwide).  A quick, structurered way to get money
     moving in a now very slow economy - pharmaceutical companies benefit, health
     institutes and practitioners are at the top of the list of guaranteed money
     making, commodities bought by public to remain virus free, etc etc.  All of this
     turns an economy because it has become a global issue.  May not turn it
     dramatically but it turns none the less.

b)  Mexico is the target for this outbreak.  Makes you wonder whether the US have
     deliberately done this in order to prevent further intake of alien labour from
     across the borders, considering that all of the work that is not done by a US
     citizen is currently being done by Mexicans.  Easy way to stop immigrants from
     getting access to the FREE country, utilising normal US "unemployed" citizens
     thereby re-creating job opportunity due to the mammoth amount of people
     recently retrenched.  Just a theory!!

Dont believe what the media tell you - they tell you what they want you to hear.  Be creative and think outside the box.  You may be pleasantly surprised!!!!!

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written by tonio, April 30, 2009
will second u'r notion,no need 4 any potion!
written by Jawellnofine, May 02, 2009
my take on anything media is to divide what is being sprouted by 6 and then to obtain the square root thereof...and even then, caveat emptor

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