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Strange goings-on at the FIFA World Cup

Posted by: Dissol

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This event has been a bigger success than we could have imagined.  Against all the negativity, and naysayers, South Africa has proved to the world that we can pull these things off.  In doing so, we have showcased the country to a largely ignorant world, and I have no doubt we will recoup the costs many times over in the years to come.  Research and surveys of departing visitors are overwhelmingly positive, with most people planning return trips, and telling others what a great, safe, beautiful destination South Africa is.


Our new stadia have been really well received too.  With German commentators admitting that we have "out-Germanied Germany" in providing higher quality facilities than at the 2006 event.


The local people have come out (eventually!) in support of the event.  Cape Town recorded over 100,000 people taking part in the fanwalk, which is amazing considering that less than half of them would have had tickets.  But people turned out, on a stunning winter's day in Cape Town, to soak up the atmosphere, and to be part of this unique event.


The football has been interesting too...who would have thought that we would have lost Brazil so early?  Who would have thought that the young German team, without their charismatic leader should do so well?  Sadly there has also been widespread cheating; the Suarez incident only being the tip of the iceberg, as soccer now has continual cheating by just about every player, as they dive to floor, or make false claims.  I wonder if we should issue yellow cards to Accident & Emergency nurses in our hospitals, as waving a yellow card at someone else, seems to have miraculous healing abilities??


But the strange thing for me, is looking at the spectators, and the sponsors / advertisers.  At most games you see PRASA, and Telkom adverts in prominence.  Now both companies have monopolies, so they have no direct competition...they are to a certain extent both nationalised businesses.  And yet their management has decided that it is a good idea to spend millions and millions (of basically tax payers money) to advertise themselves to a global market.  It makes no sense to me.  No German, Argentinian, Frenchman, whatever will be able to use either service at home.  They are both limited to the local market.  So why was it such a good idea to spend so much money to have their brand associated with this global event?? 


I think I know the answer, and it leaves a sour taste in my mouth.  It is the same reason why the stands are filled with local government officials, from every province.  This is just another example of the gravy train, where people are abusing their positions of power for personal gain.  I am sure that weighty adverts will assure the companies of some nice VIP tickets to matches.  Why do our local, and national governments think it is such a good idea to spend (our) money on their employees to send them to different matches, when there was enough demand on the open market (Cape Town Stadium was sold out months in advance - due to all these local authorities making block purchases).


I am aware that events like this need sponsors, and ticket sales to survive.  But I am disgusted that so many politicians & state owned companies are so clearly abusing the system.

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written by thenack, July 05, 2010
Nice post Dissol, these things must not be forgotten and the guilty parties must be punished after the world cup.

We need to see decisive and agressive action from people in charge. Escom strikers should be fired. People who used tax to buy tickets MUST be fired.

We need a Margaret Thatcher.
written by Dissol, July 05, 2010
Nobody will be punished. No one will be fired. But least of all, no one needs a Maggie Thatcher!!!
written by thenack, July 06, 2010
Yeah OK, just a little of her attitude could help. It seems everybody is throwing tantrums to get handouts, but the money has to come from somewhere.
written by barrmar, July 06, 2010
No to Maggie. I doubt if anyone will be punished.
I believe that hosting this event has done wonders for South Africa both in terms of its image abroad and in terms of National Self Esteem.
I believe that we will reap the rewards in future tourism and investment.
South Africans came to the party and did not lose interest when their team fell out.
As for the cheating - the Spanish team have largely escaped yellow cards - I think that reflects the team's attitude (perhaps policy?). Unfortunately, most teams have been full of players committing deliberate "professional fouls", diving to the ground to get free kicks and hand balls.
This type of activity, in my view, stems from the attitude of the clubs and possibly the management of the teams. Unfortunately, ethics was thrown out of the window.
written by Dissol, July 06, 2010
Barrmar I agree with all your points. This cheating is insidious and has been around in footy for some time now, and is coming into other sports such as rugby & cricket too...

But the winners of the event is certainly South Africa. It is quite something to read all the foreign press with nothing but positive things to say about the country. Even one German journalist that I follow in the Spiegel, who had been really negative towards the event before hand, wrote a stunning apology to the people of South Africa... At least he had the balls to admit he was wrong...

I have been blown away in how the South Africa population have come out in support of this event; especially here in Cape Town, where thousands and thousands of people join in the festivities along the fan walk. Amazing. I am so pleased I delayed my ops to be part of it. But now I shall be signing off MyDL, and everywhere else for a few weeks while I get some retreads (shoulders) sorted out. My prediction for the final is Germany against the Netherlands... The eventual winner...will be Germany, as long as Holland do not get an early goal; I am not sure whether the German youngsters have the resiliance to bounce back (remember Serbia?).

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