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Still on the topic of blogging...

Posted by: ShackledMuse

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My previous article was about a unique way to profit out of the whole blogging business. About setting up a well known site, selling it and starting all over again.

Now the whole idea of generating income from blogging is still stuck in my head, now stronger than before. Up until a month ago I didn’t think it was possible to make a living a from it. I won the Top Earner spot on myDL and everything changed slightly. It might not be an amount that I could live off on a monthly basis, but its a much better start than I expected. (compared to the few cents I made on AdSense, indeed MUCH MUCH better.)


This got me thinking, as most things in life do. I’ve read a great amount of articles out there on how to make money, some even from the big names themselves. They make a six figure income, so their advice is good, right?

Not necessarily. See, most of their tactics revolve selling stuff. Selling information. The key, according to one problogger, is to write about something you’re knowledgeable about, but only make 10% of that knowledge available. The other 90%? You sell it. In the form of e-books, most likely.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m not particularly fond of that idea. Or about having tons of google adds floating all over my site. I’m sure there has to be other options out there, and when I stumble upon it, I’ll be sure to share it. (Isn’t that the glorious thing about blogging, and internet marketing in general? There’s enough opportunities and potential clients out there so that no one person really has to be stingy about it. I can tell you my secret and I’m pretty sure we’ll both be able to profit from it)

In the meantime, I’m just gonna write and write and create good content for my site, and write some more. Even if I don’t get to make big moola from it right now, writing is still therapeutical.

  I'm not suffering from insanity, I'm enjoying every second of it...

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written by thenack, June 07, 2010
Yep, many promises, very few that actually work. You either need many, many, many readers, or readers with money and a niche. Still haven't really figured it out myself, although I have tried many things.

I have a slightly different idea now (slightly original also), if you are interested, drop me a PM
written by MikeZilla, June 07, 2010
One doesn't really need to hold anything back look at guys like Darren Rowse. If you visit his site you'll see everything you'll ever need to blog for profit. Ultimately though the best bloggers have developed products around their knowledge. Selling either one on one interaction (their time) or products (courses, ebooks, books, dvd's audio books) etc. Ultimately these products create much better revenue streams than per click models. If you look at pro bloggers like Leo from Zen habits and Trent from The simple dollar these guys tell you everything (Zen habits isn't even copyrighted you can use his posts for free if you want) and that is why people so gladly buy their products.
written by thenack, June 07, 2010
cool Mike, will have a look at those, you make a decent buck then do u?
written by barrmar, June 08, 2010
There are a few genuine blogs that catch-on and gain huge popularity. People get to see the posts, the word spreads and they end up with hundreds of thousands of hits per day. Then the adsense can generate a good income.
These people place posts at least once per day and have a following. Some are totally outrageous, some lead quite simple lives but for some reason, thousands of people want to read about their daily lives, see pictures of the babies and so on.
The people that write about making money from blogging write about nothing else. They are actually selling the idea of making money through blogging but they are really talking about making money through selling - affiliate marketing and the like. There are some big names doing this. They even go as far as showing you how much they earn, but it is all through selling ebooks about making money from blogging and affiliate marketing to sites that do the same.
Which raises the point - when is a blog not a blog?
As with most things in life, what you get out is related to what you put in. The more time and effort you devote to your blog, the more you are likely to earn.
As the number of original posts on your blog increases, so will the number of hits. I have hits on posts/articles that I posted two years ago. Some old posts still attract traffic and comments. The more comments, the more hits!
Apart from creating regular quality posts on your site, it is also necessary to promote your site by using Yahoo's MyBlogLog, BlogCatalogue, WebRing, Technorati, etc., etc. There are also exchange type sites where you get points for browsing other blogs, and these points get you hits on yours. The increased traffic helps the google rankings so you get higher on the search engines ...
As for me, I just want to create content by writing. I have become weary of all this blog marketing. I create posts, and get hits. Even if I don't post for a month I still get 60 to 100 hits per day.
By the way, using gets more hits than on for me.
written by ShackledMuse, June 08, 2010
thanks for the advice.

And yeah I agree: when is a blog not a blog. To be completely honest, there are some big names out there who make six figures by telling people how to make 6 figures, they might call themself problogger, but I dont consider them bloggers at all. To me, the real bloggers are people like Dooce, at She's the top female blogger and writes daily, about her life, her children, her husband, her gym sessions. She writes it in such a way that people want to go back and read about her life. And they live off her blogging earnings. Even if she never made a cent, thats still a REAL blogger to me.

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