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Status regret

Posted by: Skarlett_Fury

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You know when you have ‘foot-in-mouth’ syndrome? When you say something socially awkward, and you generally wish you had a Ctrl+Z on life?

Yeah. I find that it is now possible on Facebook.

For instance, when you attempt to search for a person (especially if they are not a friend) and you accidentally type it into your status block. Instant embarrassment, especially if it’s a person you have no (good) excuse to search for. Instead of a mildly sneaky search, you end up with your entire friend network knowing where your interests lie.

Another example is accidentally clicking ‘Like’ on something you really should not have. I shamefacedly admit to have done this. Instead of clicking ‘Comment’, I clicked ‘Like’ on the status that said “RIP Davy” (name changed).

I died a few million times as soon as I did that, and within milliseconds I had ‘Unliked’ it, but still, the horror lingers. That simple mistake that could have labeled me an uncaring sociopath who revels in another’s death.

The one that bothers me most though, is status regret. When, in a fit of glee or anger or drunkenness, you update your status, unwittingly allowing your friends a glimpse into the miry pit of your soul.

Or, you know, the pit of your belly in which copious amounts of alcohol currently sat, distilling into your bloodstream, rendering you an Id of your usual self.

Just now you update your status to “I hate my damn job” and your boss comments, “Well done. Now find another.”

Or one I’ve seen, “(name) is so durnk rite now” and your mate responds, “What about that (important event goes here)?”

And of course, your horror and embarrassment is broadcast to your entire network, to ‘Like’ and comment on as they see fit.

Status regret. Short-lived, but it makes you cringe like nails down a blackboard.


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written by Doolally, June 01, 2011
LOL I think it is the same feeling as walking into an inane object and apologising (done that plenty).
Facebook has many pitfalls for those of us who make a habit of sticking foot in where it shouldn't be smilies/tongue.gif then wondering what where we thinking~~~
written by Skarlett_Fury, June 01, 2011
Hehe indeed! Don't worry, I also apologise to objects I drop, kick, or walk into. smilies/tongue.gif
written by Sameer, June 02, 2011
i must admit, I have been guilty of the "name search in status" and within seconds I got inbox messages "oooh who is she" etc etc even tho I removed it within seconds.....
written by Skarlett_Fury, June 02, 2011
...cue awkward moments amongst friends for the next week or so. smilies/tongue.gif
written by flytrap, June 21, 2011
Drunk dialling and now drunk facebooking?? How about when your wife notices you have added the old girlfriend as a friend and are posting on her wall...
written by Doolally, June 21, 2011
An ex Boyfriend of mine invited me on facebook since we had only dated a few months in High School I wasn't to worried about accepting him until his wife wanted to be friends too! I didn't know her but accepted her in any case... we are now great online buddies but it could have gone either way...smilies/cheesy.gif

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