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Something borrowed, something green

Posted by: redsaid


I’m utterly thrilled. After more than two years of teasing and shyly skirting the issue; and after enviously witnessing many of my peers go through it, I too have finally been asked. The proposal was so sweet and – although many coyly bat their lashes and claim this – truly and entirely unexpected.

What? Getting married?! Who? ME?!?? NO! Who on earth said anything about getting hitched? Please, I have not become entirely senile in my old age. I’m still as utterly and proudly commitment phobic as I have always been.  

No, this is MUCH better than being clasped to the old ball and chain. After more than two years of being a tech journo, I too have finally received an actual product to play with and review! One might even say that I have officially arrived.

The momentous event occurred last week when Sony South Africa generously couriered me a package. Not even the delivery guy telling my friend that he had a parcel for one Mister Roger (with my surname) was able to damper my enthusiasm.  (I’m very much a Miss, but with a horrid first name, in case you are puzzled by this aside.)

It looked like this:


“Even ze box, she was beeeoootifoool.”

And then I decided to shamelessly emulate those bloggerati of the tech blog world and photographically document the rest of the unboxing (which is the official tech jargon for “opening the package”).

I peeled off the tape and slowly, seductively unfolded the box.

“Peek-A-Boo. I see you! You gorgeously green thing you!”

And ta-daaaaa, the big reveal:


That total beauty is a Sony Vaio Y series subnotebook, so named because – even though it has no integrated optical CD/DVD drive – it is larger than a netbook but still smaller than a fully fledged notebook.

Good thing the Vaio Y is known as “the ultimate road warrior”, because Sony has sent this to me to be taken a very, very long way from home...

More about that in my next post!


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written by Charmed, July 20, 2011
Ooh finally! Love the colour... we usually get boring/basic colours for products. I like the chicklit keyboard.
written by ShackledMuse, July 20, 2011
It's so pweeeetty...

I actually started netbook-hunting a month ago. Still saving, but I saw a pretty little black number last week. A Vaio. Just looking at it made me wanna cuddle up on that comfy spot on the sofa and write the next 6 friggen chapters of my book (sadly stunted in growth by that dreaded disease known as Writerious Blockelatus.)
written by redsaid, July 21, 2011
Charmed, whadoyouMEAN "finally"? It only took me eight days to write about this!! I'm getting better! At this rate, Breaking Eyewitness News reporters need to watch their backs!

Musey, well, if that is the cure for your Writerious Blockelatus (sounds particularly painful!), we need to get you one STAT!! Charmed, don't you have friends in high places to donate one for, say, a myDL blogging contest? Oh, wait... Muse is not allowed to win again, is she? Any chance that the TomTom can cure you? :-)
written by Dissol, July 21, 2011
Very nice...but the problem for me, would be having to hand these things back...!!
written by ShackledMuse, July 23, 2011
Lol if I won a netbook, my head would explode! lol.

No need tho, I got me that little sexy black sony vaio. (In fact, this reply was proudly brought to you from the keyboard of said sexy little black number)

Still setting everything up (my biggest issue is remembering all the passwords that my dutiful laptop remembered for me all these years.)

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