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Sodom and Gomora in stead of Eden?


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Since the inception of cellular phones/ mobile phones there seems to be less privacy, ruder people and the world in general seems smaller. The mere fact that any one can get a GPS position on your phone (and therefore you) within minutes must surely scare the crap out of criminals! How can you hide if your phone is transmitting little signals to every tower it can possibly reach to tell the world exactly where you are? And yet the police seem to be worse at catching these cellular phone thieving buggers than ever before. Perhaps in the past there were fewer criminals and more police - but that’s not likely.

The fact that people have actually got ruder with the advancement in technology is not actually a surprise. Before, the human race was barbaric and uncivilized. Now we are civilized barbarians. Up until mobile phones were invented people phoned and asked “how are you?”  These days they ask “where are you?”  Imagine you are having the best sex ever with the neighbour… your cell rings and your husband’s first words are “Hi honey!  Where are you?” how embarrassing! What do you answer? At home, in bed or do you lie and say you are at your friends. The fact is if you lie, he can check up by asking your phone to give him a GPS position… You tell the truth and you will be divorced before you put the phone down!

Besides these minor inconveniences you have to consider the fact that these days most phones come with cameras, so all your most embarrassing moments can be captured then MMS’ed and then e-mailed to all sorts of people to have a good laugh at.  Having affairs has therefore also become more difficult as one does not know if the weirdo on the phone is really on the phone or video taping you on his phone. Or perhaps he just gets his nillies from watching other people getting off at the next table. For this very reason less people are getting married, why get married and get into trouble for having an affair when you can be single and see whom you like!

Another inconvenience is people are now masturbating in even stranger places than before. People are now able to have phone sex wherever they are with their mobiles. These places include the public transport system (buses, trains, taxis); restaurants and even kiddies play grounds. The problem with these strangers getting off in parks and play grounds is you never know when these idiots are actually pedophiles! Perhaps the world is getting better or easier.  Or perhaps we are turning our Eden into a Sodom and Gomorra?

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written by PattiLain, December 06, 2007
Um, in all fairness, people shouldn't be having affairs. So, it's actually BETTER that it's harder to do.

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