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Social Media = Social Depression

Posted by: Wolfe


I popped into Facebook earlier to have a squiz and see what's happening, something I don't do that often. Unlike most people, I don't have the urge to affirm my popularity by checking for new messages and friend requests. I am however sometimes bored...

Social media gave us the initial ability to share text and connect with friends online. It has since grown to share our entire life with a bunch of strangers.....anyway...after my recent login I saw one of my "friends" updated their status saying something about being unable to stand backstabbing people in their lives. This sparked off a flurry of comments from self taught psychologists (also known as "friends") giving advice on how to ignore them and some even posting motivational quotes.


I must have the most boring and depressed "friends" on earth! Most of them have the urge to share photos and updates relating to their lunch and sleeping pets or kids. Others bitch and moan about their work, managers, person sitting next to them, partners or some random person that upset them.

Judging by the amount of status updates from everyone in my contact list, it is obvious that most of them spend hours a day on social media. The only activities I come across that seems remotely positive is the "I Like It" function. Is that really all we have become capable of? Has social media numbed us to the point where can only "like" stuff? Has it taken away our ability to express in a creative manner what it we actually like? wait...I get it..."I like It" is synonymous with "If I like you I might win free stuff" or "If I like you you will send me tons of useless updates with the odd interesting piece of info"...

As mentioned above, Social Media seems to have taken away our ability to express ourselves with creativity inspired by fact...I see very little emotion. Emotional expression has evolved into a bunch of text decorated by emoticons. Our ability to laugh and cry has been replaced by an icon.

The result of cyber emotion replacing real emotion is depression. Depression is universal in it's form and if you look closely you will see and hear it dominate social media. When a "friend" removes themselves from your profile, some people take it very personally. I know more than one person that closed their Facebook account and suddenly found themselves receiving more messages from "friends" than bfore. All these friends wanted to know what they did wrong!

When people are unable to satisfy their social media addiction, they feel cut off from the rest of the world and once the panic and anger subsides a wave of cyber depression washes over them. They fingers are lost and fumble without purpose at everyday tasks such as phsyically shaking someones hand.

Instead of turning to those we love and consider real friends for advice when we had a bad day, we turn to a little Status Update box and find agreement that life is crap helping us into a further depression about the negative events in our lives. When someone posts something encouraging, it's not enough.....why is it not enough? Because it's not real emotion....yet, the irony is that without these "motivational" comments, many of us will end up feeling un-wanted, un-loved and as result sink into a further depression.

For all the people I refer to above, here is some comfort. The truth is, if someone doesn't pick up the phone or write a detailed email to find out if you are okay, then they really don't care. Status comments have become an emotional cyber currency that buys self-esteem. The more I comment, the more I hope to get back......

Oh...wait...I said "comfort" goes...

Grab a mirror....try to get an overview of your see those funny attachment that your finger tips are actually linked to? Yes...ARMS!!! throw them in the air and shout out: "I AM ALIVE" LIKE IT!!!!

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written by redsaid, November 02, 2011
Facewhatsit? Oh yeah... THAT anti-social network! I have to admit, ever since Zuckerberg has decided to stop sending us e-mail notifications, I often forget to log on for days a time.

Wait, you mean I have to pry my fingers from the actual keyboard to lift my arms?! Sorry, no can do! smilies/cheesy.gif

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