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Social Media Meme

Posted by: ShackledMuse

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I stole this meme from Nafisa. I'm addicted to these things.

1. What was the first social network you joined?

Does Prodigits, T2 and Lavalair count as Social media networks? I assume so: you create profiles, share information and meet/chat to other people.

Then yeah, I joined T2 in 2001, ProDigits in 2002 and Lavalair in 2003.

If they don't count, I joined Facebook in 2006. I think.

2. What networks do you belong to?

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, tumblr, Google Plus, Foursquare, digg, reddit, blogger, livejournal, myspace, stumbleupon. Those are the ones I remember at least.

3. Which one is your favourite?

Tumblr and Facebook. 

4. Which one is your least favourite?

Uhm the ones I don't use. oh, My Space. I hate myspace. Last time i logged in was probably 2007.

5. How many "friends" do you have?

On Facebook, 150. I had A LOT. But then systematically deleted all the people who never talk to me, even tho we shared lunch in gr1. Deleted all the racists too. lol.

500 or more on twitter. And I don't know about the others.

6. What are your favourite apps?

I don't know where to start.... Facebook, Twitter,  FNB, GTalk, Barcode scanner, Evernote, Skitch, The news feed, Wunderlist (other then Evernote, the best List app there is. I'm a list fanatic), Wordpress, youtube, google, and Footprints for Android. Its the best.

7. What do you like about social networking sites?

Expressing yourself. And Nafisa's answer, being able to share information.

8. What do you hate about social networking sites?

Sometimes I slip up with what I share/post/write/say. I forget how many people can access what I do online.

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