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Snowy Whitey and the 8 Dwarfs.

Posted by: powachair

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Snowy Whitey and the 8 Dwarfs.


Once upon a time not so long ago they lived in a land called Za where there were many, many problems and where self enrichment was practiced by all and sundry in the government and local governments of the land. The 9 leaders all made so many promises of new houses, jobs, water, sanitation and a wonderful life to the people that they were duly elected to govern the land.


Now Snowy Whitey was doing her best to make the one province into utopia but was constantly fighting with the 8 Dwarfs and all the other people who made up the various local governments. Each one was trying to damage the other one’s reputation, and while they were grabbing as much gravy as they could, they held smear campaigns with the media to try to discredit each other.


The Dwarfs leader, Sexy, called all the others to an indaba at his palace (Playdwarf Mansion) where they could be waited on by Sexy’s numerous wives, girlfriends and casual sexual partners, while the children played happily outside in the manicured gardens. All of them were there, Sexy, Greedy, Grabby, Gravy, Chubby, Beauty, Ugly and Useless and they spent many days discussing how to rip off the people of Za, in between consuming huge quantities of top of the range whisky and champagne, while a large number of cattle were slaughtered, prepared and cooked on the fires by the young ladies of the land who had been invited to the feast so that Sexy could find another wife to add to his collection. He had already prepared the labola (dowry) with which to pay the bride’s family. He had arranged for the new wife to tender for a catering service to the government, which was worth millions monthly, and had given her father a soccer team to play with. As for mother in law and the many other family members, he had arranged leadership positions within government especially for them with the usual perks that accompanied these positions. (BMW, house, expense account, cattle, chickens, girlfriends, wives etc)


The rest of the Dwarfs were happy with this state of affairs because they were all given, black, top of the range, Mercs, free mansions, huge salaries, travel expenses and what ever their hearts desired. Everybody was happy except for Snowy Whitey who drove a Toyota and made all her ministers buy Cherry cars and live in the suburbs of their birth. She even took away their blue light privileges and forced them to use standard hotel rooms instead of the presidential suites. She was the most disliked leader in all the land. Songs like “One bullet one Aunty” were being sung all across the land until pressure from the courts and international media put a stop to it, and they all lived at each other’s throats for many corrupt, bloody and lawless years. EISH!


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